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By Leon Trotsky

"The lifetime of Europe and all mankind may be decided for a very long time via the process the imperialist struggle and its monetary and political consequences," wrote communist chief Leon Trotsky in might 1940. "In face of this," he stated, communist staff proceed to "fulfill our uncomplicated activity: to hold on consistent, tireless guidance for the revolution--in the factories, turbines, villages, barracks, on the entrance, and within the fleet."

images, chronology, notes, different writings of 1939 forty, index. Now with enlarged type.

This booklet is a part of a sequence, The Writings of Leon Trotsky.

This is a vectorized pdf (the letters have been switched over from scanned raster facts to vector facts, therefore lowering the scale of the dossier and making it a little bit nicer for printing).

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The elimination of the decisive p ar­ ticip ation of illegal parties in d etermining the policies of the International has become their immediate goal," continues D a n. "As is well known, they have to a considerable m easure realized this during the sessions of the Executive Committee held in 40 Writings of Leon Tro tsky (1 939-4 0) Brussels, May 1 4 - 1 5 . " In other words, the fat ones have driven the lean from the leading organs of the Second International. " One cannot d eny that in their actions there is much logic and sense.

In simple language, they refused to bind themselves to any kind of j oint decisions which might in the future place them in conflict with the interests of their own national impe­ rialisms. The nub of the matter is that the "lean" sections of the Second International view the slogan of struggle for democracy against fascism seriously; because they themselves are victims of fas­ cism and are, naturally, inclined to take back their lost p osts with the aid of democratic tanks and battleships. This cir­ cumstance renders them very d angerous to the "solid" sections of the Second International.

Allow me t o express my firm hope that the revolutionary s truggle for the emancipation of India will unfold under the b anner of the Fourth International. With warmest comradely greetings, Leon Trotsky OUR IN TERN ATIONAL ORGANIZ ATION 33 July 26, 1939 Dear Comrade: Our international organization has practically ceased to exist since the assassination of Klement: 34 n o bulletins, n o press service, no circular letters - nothing. After your return from Paris I proposed that the Pan-Ameri­ can Committee (PA C ) function temporarily as a substitute for the IS.

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