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By Nestor Makhno, Alexandre Skirda

A selection of essays and articles from the Ukranian innovative, Nestor Makhno, who fought opposed to encroaching Bolshevik terror through the Russian Revolution. The fight opposed to the country and different Essays sheds useful perception onto the guy and the stream that bore his name.

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It is also a teaching that embraces the whole existence of man as a rounded individual. Over the course of the elaboration of its overall world picture, anarchism has set itself a very specific task: to en­ compass the world in its entirety, sweeping aside all man­ ner of obstacles, present and yet to come, which might be posed by bourgeois capitalist science and technology. This with the aim of supplying man with the most exhaustive possible explanation of existence in this world and of mak­ ing the best possible fist of all the problems which may confront it: this approach should help it to internalize a consciousness of the anarchism naturally inherent in it ­ that, at least, is what I suppose - to the extent that it is continually being faced with partial manifestations thereof.

Fol­ lowing a positive reply, I appeared before the assembled club on 23 June 1927. M. and I was not able to go into the matter thoroughly. The best I managed was to broach the subject by dealing with the historical nature, sources and patterns of anti-Semitism in the Ukraine. Perhaps my enemies will make capital out of this fac­ tor which was beyond my control and above all of the fact that I was bound hand and foot by it. In fact, according to French police regulations, I was forbidden to communi­ cate with my like-minded French colleagues: as a result, there was no way that I could have organized a public meeting of my own to put my rebuttal of these slanders.

As I see it, such an argument is neither quite accurate nor is it really adequate. Russia's revolutionary experience supplies us with objective data galore in this connection. It shows us beyond rebuttal that the proletariat was not at all homogeneous during the revolution. Thus, the urban pro­ letariat, whenever it participated in the overthrow of the power of thO! class enemy - the bourgeoisie - in many towns, hesitated for a moment between the paths of the revolutions of February and October 1 9 1 7.

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