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By Revd Allen Brent

Utilizing a contra-cultural version of social interplay, this article examines the interplay among Pagan and early Christian buildings of social order concentrating on the Imperial cult because it constructed, including shared metaphysical assumptions, pari passu with Church Order.

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T h e contraculture accordingly c h a n g e d the scale of values of the culture with which it interacted, reformulating a n d reconstructing its authority relations a n d the rationale for the status a w a r d e d to authority figures. T h u s a contra-culture was not p r o d u c e d by a reaction to the gen­ eral culture that simply accepted the definitions of that culture regard­ ing its status a n d role. M o r e positively the contra-culture was produced by a n interaction that redefined the d e m a n d s of the host culture, accepting some of t h e m a n d reformulating others.

But neither the former P r i m e Minister n o r his critics would neces­ sarily understand the theories of mathematical probability, the techniques of sampling a n d the underlying theory of sociological classification a n d stratification which justified the use of such polls. Different experts are indeed at variance a b o u t the precise justification of such second o r d e r theories. But despite such lack of consensus on an overall the­ ory, a n d i n d e e d independently of it, there arises a general n o r m a ­ tive expectation that such advice shall be taken in such a form.

6 F u r t h e r m o r e Cicero was to express the view in his dialogue De Legibus t h r o u g h the c h a r a c t e r of M a r c u s that the ius augurium was of the highest political significance a n d linked with auctoritas: The greatest and most significant right in the state (maximum autem et praestantissimum in re publico) is the right of augurs (ius est augurum) which is linked to political authority (cum auctoritate coniunctum). . For what right is greater (quid enim maius est) if we examine legal right (si de iure quaerimus), than to be able to adjourn (dimittere) committees and coun­ cils (comitiatus et concilia) based on the highest constitutional or personal power (a summis imperiis et summis potestatibus), or their decisions (instituta), or to rescind them if they have already been made (vel habita rescindere).

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