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The hot pattern of miniaturization of units and mechanics parts has demanded a btter figuring out of the way macroscopic facts are with regards to these on the microscopic scale or smaller. the idea that of multiscaling is to address inhomogeneity that rises while fabric is considered microscopically. A scale invariant idea that can quantify the measure of inhomgeneity is utilized to beat the diffuculty such that the method will be saved at a degree that the practising engineer can clutch and use. The version works very similar to a microscope which could enlarge the implications from the atomic to the micro, then to the meso and to the macro in an analytical fahsion. this offers a way for translating the adventure in designing macroscopic dimension elements to these on the reduce scales.

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47), it is found that n ¦F kα k =1 α α δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) = ∇ x ⋅ tpot + ∇ y α ⋅ IJ pot +fα (77) Since n ¦m α  k δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) = V k =1 n ¦m α ∆v kα δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) = 0 (78) k =1 there results ∇x ⋅ n ¦m α V k ⊗ V kα δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) k =1 n = ∇x ⋅ ¦m α  k ⊗V  kα + v ⊗ ( v + ∆v α )]δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) [V (79) k =1 α = ∇ x ⋅ [− tkin + ρ α v ⊗ ( v + ∆v α )] and ∇ yα ⋅ n ¦m α ∆v kα ⊗ V kα δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) k =1 = ∇yα ⋅ n ¦m α  kα + ∆v α ⊗ ( v + ∆v α )]δ(R k − x)δ(∆r kα − y α ) [∆v kα ⊗ V (80) k =1 α = ∇ y α ⋅ [− IJ kin + ρα ∆v α ⊗ ( v + ∆v α )] Į Į Į Į + tpot and IJ Į = IJkin + IJpot , the time evoluCombining Eqs.

Methods Appl. Mech. , 148 (1997) 53-73. [12] Smit RJM, Brekelmans WAM, Meijer HEH, Prediction of the mechanical behavior of nonlinear heterogeneous systems by multi-level finite element modeling, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. , 155 (1998) 181-192. Wrinkling formation in polycrystalline materials 21 [13] Cricri G, Luciano R, Micro- and macro-failure models of heterogeneous media with micro-structure, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, 11 (2003) 433-448. [14] Takano N, Ohnishi Y, Zako M, Nishiyabu K, Microstructure-based deep-drawing simulation of knitted fabric reinforced themoplastics by homogenization theory, Int.

Fig. 4. Comparison of large degree bending deformation predicted by non interactive single-scale homogenization and interactive multi-scale homogenization. 5. Conclusion The asymptotic method in conjunction with a consistent homogenization approach has been proposed for multi-scale modeling of wrinkling formation. S. Chen and S. Mehraeen variational multi-scale governing equation and the scale-coupling relation have been formulated based on a total Lagrangian formulation. By introducing the asymptotic form of the material displacement into the test and trial functions in the variational equation, the resulting leading order equations yield the scale-coupling equation and the coarse scale governing equation.

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