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Larrain's books are very informative and nice precis of ideology, marxism. So if i may, i would like to translate his textual content in my domestic language, Korean. whilst i may ....

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We shift from 'discovery' to 'invention', 'compulsion' to 'decision', from concept exploration to concept formation. What we then have, however, are still only pictures, themselves in some measure a distortion. For it is not as if we are to try to interpret our new pictures in a framework in which it still makes sense to speak of the objective implications of certain concepts, or the manner of use of an expression to which a certain understanding of it commits us; a framework in which change in concepts is still to be understood by contrast with the idea of their remaining the same.

Contrast, for example, proving '(x)-Fx' by induction, 'F' decidable, and proving it meta-mathematically by proving the first-order undecidability of '(3~) Fx'. Could an intuitionist provide a more exact account of what is shared by such proofs than is given by his general characterisation of proofs of universally quantified statements? In contrast, we can circumscribe the techniques relevant to the solution of some problem of effectively decidable type absolutely exactly. There is ordinarily felt to be a distinction, of degree perhaps, between recognising that the explanation given of a concept requires its application to a new case, and interpreting it as doing so.

So if you had measured the table with the elastic rulers and said it measured 5 feet by our usual way of measuring, you would be wrong; but if you said that it measured 5 feet by your way of measuring, that is correct. His objector protests that soft-ruler measurement is not measurement at all. Wittgenstein replies that it is similar to our measuring and capable, in certain circumstances, of fulfilling 'practical purposes'. ) 58 P a r t One: Mathematics as ModifLing Concepts Here, then, Wittgenstein apparently refuses any content to the concept of thecorrect measurement of the table other than the measurement which we get with our rigid rulers; the idea of correct measurement is relativised to the means used.

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