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By Lorrie Klosterman

The fantastic Human physique discusses the composition and serve as of the complicated networks and platforms inside of bodies.

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Excretory System (The Amazing Human Body)

The superb Human physique discusses the composition and serve as of the advanced networks and structures inside bodies.

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For females especially, soap can be too harsh on the area where the urethra opens. • After bathing, give the area a chance to dry well before putting on underwear, because bacteria, yeast, or other germs respond to moisture. • Wear cotton underwear whenever possible, because human-made fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, keep moisture against the body. • When you have the urge to urinate, do not wait too long. Urine flow washes bacteria out of the urethra. 62 Ca ri ng for Your Excre tor y S ystem Using soap when washing your body is essential, but certain chemicals in some soaps can irritate parts of your excretory system.

Sometimes the toxic substance is something a person has taken intentionally, but in excess. Too many alcoholic beverages or too much medication are examples. In small amounts, these are usually safe. But in larger amounts they can harm cells before the kidneys have time to get rid of the excess. The most common toxins the body needs to get rid of are made by the body itself. They are waste molecules that cells make as part of their everyday activities. The waste molecules collect outside of the cells.

It must be a good match. Every person has a unique set of proteins in their organs, and for a transplant to work, the proteins of the 53 E XC RE TORY SYST E M Though it can cause kidney failure, diabetes is not really a disease of the excretory system. This illustration shows the two different types of diabetes, and how the body is supposed to manage insulin (a necessary protein) and blood sugar. 54 Problems with the Excre tor y S ystem donor and the patient must be very similar. That is why a family member makes a good donor: they share many traits, including proteins.

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