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The Translated Man and Other Stories

The grey, icy urban of Trowth is hollowed out through battle, and now haunted by means of the degenerate spawn of a sizeable technology. just a drug-addicted detective and a tender guy with a present for arithmetic have the potential to unravel an enigmatic murder--a homicide which may be the major to saving Trowth from sure destruction.

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But with my mother in the room there was no chance of that. ‘You know that Virginia’s Bridalwear is closing down? I was talking to Eleanor Fitzmorris at the concert hall the other night and she told me there were some irregularities with the accounts. It’s all since the son took over. I mean, I don’t know what kind of a job that is for a man. No wonder he wasn’t any good at it. And I said to Eleanor was he gay and she said, no, he definitely wasn’t, he just wanted to give the business a go. Out of respect for his mother.

I can never work out whether that is something I hate about him, or love. So I left my new fiancé in my neat beige living room and went off to think about what I had done. I stared at my surprisingly untroubled face in the mirror. What could I do? He was supposed to be my get-over guy, my feel-good fella, who was definitely not my type but would help me feel good about myself again while I got over one of the world’s biggest bastards. Nobody had been meant to fall in love, especially not the get-over guy.

In fact, everybody at work was still bemused by my announcement. Most people in the office didn’t take me for the marrying kind, especially those who were privy to my recent romantic history. But everybody wished me well; some of them meant it, others looked forward to another crisis. You know the sort – those who lead monumentally boring lives but take unnatural delight in the messes other people make. I skipped down the beautifully restored staircase of our carefully preserved Georgian building and lunged into the pink light of a warm April afternoon.

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