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By Maksym Spiryagin, Peter Wolfs, Colin Cole, Valentyn Spiryagin, Yan Quan Sun, Tim McSweeney

With the expanding calls for for more secure freight trains working with better pace and better lots, it is vital to enforce equipment for controlling longer, heavier trains. This calls for a whole figuring out of the criteria that have an effect on their dynamic functionality. Simulation suggestions permit proposed ideas to be optimised ahead of introducing them into the operational railway atmosphere. assurance is given to many of the different types of locomotives used with heavy haul freight trains, besides a number of the attainable configurations of these trains. This booklet serves as an introductory textual content for students, and as a reference for engineers practising in heavy haul rail community design,

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1 – turbocharger; 2 – water pump; 3 – cylinder head; 4 – lube oil pump; 5 – fuel pipes; 6 – crankcase inspection cover; 7 – lube oil pan. 16 Typical power plant of heavy haul locomotive (Manufactured by Kolomensky Zavod, Kolomna, Russia). 1 – turbocharger; 2 – water pump; 3 – lube oil pump; 4 – oil cooler; 5 – lube oil pan; 6 – muffler; 7 – intercooler; 8 – main alternator; 9 – main alternator cooler. 17 Typical air system of a heavy haul locomotive. The air system is needed for the proper working of a diesel engine to provide air flow into the cylinders in the formation of a combustible mixture.

It also facilitates rapid and accurate control of multiple locomotives, which can be distributed in various ways at the front, middle and/or end of the train configuration (distributed power). This is commonly done for the implementation of the high motive power required for hauling longer and heavier trains along designated routes. 12. Thermal energy from the combustion of fuel in the diesel engine/s is converted into the mechanical energy of rotation of the crankshaft, which is then converted in the main generator into electrical energy, either AC or direct current (DC).

In the process of charging, the air is heated. The temperature of the charge air of a diesel engine has a significant impact on its efficiency and reliability, so the charge air in locomotives is cooled in intercoolers. Then, the air is supplied into the cylinder through the intake manifolds for combustion. 17. The fuel system is designed to provide an uninterrupted supply of fuel into the cylinders of the diesel engine under all possible modes of operation. This system includes fuel tanks, pipes, a fuel pump, a fuel filter system and a fuel preheater if the locomotive is to be used in extreme winter conditions.

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