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Alveolus Blood vessel leading past alveolus .. Waste gases These blood cells are returning from the body. Their oxygen has been used up and they are loaded up with waste gases, which pass into the alveolus to be breathed out. ---.. In return, your blood cells drop off some waste for the lungs to get rid of. This is mainly carbon dioxide, the waste gas made by your cells as they work. It floats from the blood vessels into the alveoli and up the bronchioles, and comes out in your breath. Oxygen These blood cells are loaded up with oxygen from the alveolus.

Hair root Ha ir fo llicle The average human body has around five million hair follicles . Every day, hundreds of hairs fall out, and have to start growing again. Each follicle has a six-month rest every few years. Th is is a magn ified picture of a slice of skin from a human scalp . The dark ci rcles are hair foll icles. INTERN ET LI N K For a link to a website where you ca n find out lots more about hai r and nails, go to L.. com ~ 34 Healthy, shiny hair Most people trim their nails to keep them short.

We can recognize people's voices because our brains can tell the difference between different sound wave patterns. Dogon people from Mali balancing on stilts as part of a traditional ceremony GOING WRONG : Ear wax Your ears make wax to protect themselves from water and dirt. Sometimes, too much ear wax can collect in your ear and block your ear canal, making you deaf. A doctor or nurse may have to squirt water into your ear with a syringe to force the wax out. Tasting and smelling aste and smell are important senses.

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