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By C. Caux, B. Vanbervliet, C. Massacrier, B. Dubois, C. Dezutter-Dambuyant, D. Schmitt (auth.), Dr. Jacques Banchereau, Dr. Daniel Schmitt (eds.)

These complaints comprise the contributions of the individuals of the 3rd overseas Symposium on Dendritic Cells that used to be held in Annecy, France, from June 19 to June 24, 1994. This symposium represented a follow-up of the 1st and moment foreign symposia that have been held in Japan in 1990 and within the Netherlands in 1992. Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells, and are present in all tissues and organs of the physique. they are often categorized into: (1) interstitial dendritic cells of the guts, kidney, intestine, and lung;(2) Langerhans cells within the dermis and mucous membranes; (3) interdigitating dendritic cells within the thymic medulla and secondary lymphoid tissue; and (4) blood dendritic cells and lymph dendritic cells (veiled cells). even supposing dendritic cells in every one of those booths are all CD45+ leukocytes that come up from the bone marrow, they might convey modifications that relate to maturation kingdom and microenvironment. Dendritic cells are really good antigen-presenting cells for T lymphocytes: they strategy and current antigens successfully in situ, and stimulate responses from naive and reminiscence T cells within the paracortical region of secondary lymphoid organs. fresh facts additionally demonstrates their function in induction of tolerance. against this, the first and secondary B-cell follicles include follicular dendritic cells that seize and hold intact antigen as immune complexes for lengthy classes of time. The starting place of follicular dendritic cells isn't transparent, yet so much investigators think that those cells should not leukocytes.

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Banchereau and D. Schmitt, Plenum Press, New York, 1995 21 monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and immunomagnetic beads. This enriched preparation (3090% DC) is then labelled and sorted for cells bearing characteristic DC markers (high class II MHC; high CDllc) to obtain pure DC. This approach has been applied to both mouse and human tissue 9 . When isolated in this way, then cultured for a short time at 37° to allow recovery of normal morphology, thymic DC show a characteristic DC appearance of irregular shape with cytoplasmic extensions S,9.

03 from d7 from d14 from d21 from d28 Figure 1. c-kit-ligand recruits and expands CFU-DC/mono in synergistic combination with GM-CSF and TNFa. CD34+ bone marrow progenitors were grown in suspension culture with GM-CSF and TNFa, with and without c-kit-ligand. 36% agarose/IMDM-20%FCS, GM-CSF, and TNFa. 19 REFERENCES 1. K. M. Steinman, M. Witmer-Pack, H. Aya, M. Inaba, T. Sudo, S. Wolpe, and G. Schuler, Identification of proliferating dendritic cell precursors in mouse blood. J. Exp. Med. 175:1157-1167 (1992).

THYMIC DENDRITIC CELLS: SURFACE PHENOTYPE, DEVELOPMENTAL ORIGIN AND FUNCTION Ken Shortman, Li Wu, Carlos Ardavin, David Vremec, Frank Sotzik, Ken Winkel, and Gabriele Suss The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Melbourne, Victoria 3050, Australia INTRODUCTION Are the dendritic cells (DC) found in the thymus similar in origin and function to those in other lymphoid tissues? Thymic DC are generally similar in morphological appearance to DC elsewhere, and share many cell surface markers.

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