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By Walter Scheidel

In conjection with an in depth severe survey of modern advances and controversies in Roman demography, the 4 case-studies during this quantity illustrate a number of assorted techniques to the examine of historic inhabitants heritage. The contributions handle a few the most important concerns in Roman demography from the evolution of the educational box to seasonal styles of fertility, the variety of Roman electorate, inhabitants strain within the early Roman empire, and the top of classical urbanism in overdue antiquity. this is often the 1st collaborative quantity of its variety. it truly is designed to introduce historical historians and classicists to demographic, comparative and interdisciplinary views, and to situate and contextualize Roman inhabitants reports within the wider ambit of old demography.

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The work of Mari Bhat (1989) on India is of particular interest here: standard models overestimate mortality up to age 5; mean life expectancy at birth is between one and two years higher than predicted. See also Smith (1991) 57-9, criticising some inflated estimates of overall mortality in fourteenth-century England resulting from the application of standard model rates, and the high-mortality life tables in Preston, McDaniel and Grushka (1993), with lower infant mortality relative to adult mortality compared to Model West.

650-350 BCE): Woods (1993) 216 n. 33 points out that in this model, adult mortality is far too high to permit survival in the long run. Sallares himself points out that the raw data probably underestimate adult age of death (113). 8+ Mittler and van Gerven (1996), esp. 289-91. 85 For malaria, see Scheidel (forthcoming a) ch. 2 for further discussion, drawing on Arlacchi (1983), Del Panta (1989) and Dobson (1997); and in greater detail Sallares (forthcoming). For tuberculosis, see Coale and Demeny (1983) 11-12, noting they excluded from their life tables all modern populations with a high prevalence of tuberculosis because this disease had changed the mortality distribution between ages 5 and 40.

For the male age of marriage, see Sailer (1987) and (1994) 25-41 (closer to thirty than to twentyfive). For criticisms of Shaw's method, see Aubin (forthcoming). Age-rounding corrupts calculations of a given interval from a given age: for analogous problems concerning calculations of the recruitment age of Roman soldiers, see Scheidel (1992), (1996a) 97-116. 134 Bagnall and Frier (1994) 111-21; Frier (1997) 104-8; and see esp. 4 for a comparison of the western and Egyptian results. 4 years in close-kin marriages (Bagnall and Frier (1994) 118, 131).

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