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Основной причиной появления винтовок послужила необходимость увеличения кучности боя гладкоствольных ружей. Предшественник винтовки, гладкоствольный мушкет, отличался слабой точностью боя, так как при выстреле пуля свободно двигалась в гладком канале ствола и получала неконтролируемое вращение. Опытным путём было выяснено, что ружья с нарезкой в канале ствола позволяют точно стрелять на расстояния больше a hundred м.

Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2)

The final word conflict among sisters is nearing, and its final result may have catastrophic outcomes. As 16 year-old Lia Milthorpe searches for the way to finish the prophecy, her dual sister Alice hones the talents she'll have to defeat Lia. Alice will cease at not anything to reclaim her sister's position within the prophecy, and that is no longer the single factor she wishes: there is additionally Lia's boyfriend James.

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Emily Starr by no means knew what it was once to be lonely -- until eventually her loved father died. Now Emily's an orphan, and her mother's snobbish kinfolk are taking her to stay with them at New Moon Farm. She's definite she will not be at liberty Emily bargains with stiff, stern Aunt Elizabeth and her malicious classmates by way of preserving her head excessive and utilizing her fast wit.

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An old prophecy divides sisters-One strong. .. One evil. .. Who will succeed? dual sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe have simply turn into orphans. they've got additionally develop into enemies. As they notice their roles in a prophecy that has became generations of sisters opposed to one another, the women locate themselves entangled in a secret that includes a tattoo-like mark, their mom and dad' deaths, a boy, a booklet, and a life of secrets and techniques.

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