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By Douglas Adams

Endlich wieder auf der Erde! Nach seiner atemberaubenden Reise durch die Galaxis ist Arthur Dent wieder intestine auf dem Heimatplaneten gelandet. Einziger Haken: Er ist zwei Millionen Jahre früher in einer Steinzeithöhle gestrandet. Zum Glück ist Ford Prefekt an seiner Seite und der weiß auch schon, wie sie zu einem price ticket zu den Sternen kommen. Eine klitzekleine Bedingung gilt es dafür zu erfüllen: Das Universum zu retten.

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36. The Junior Capitalist She's six years old, and no one's gonna tell her what to do on her side of the sidewalk. She was late to her shift because she couldn't find her roller skates. "You call that stirring? " She has cool stuff. She won't let you play with it. Tattle 37. Mr. Clean A high-powered man with a cabinet full of high-powered cleansers. He scrutinizes your fourth-quarter projections as carefully as he does your nails for dirt. A large number of flat, shiny surfaces. His keyboard is dusted on the hour.

He got caught. And named names. Paper shredder. And clean up those e-mails. 11. a. " Security cameras. " He always passes on the next wave of video camera glasses. Make one personal photocopy and you're fired. E-mail friends about how much you like working for him. He's reading them. 12. The Psychopath As brilliant as he is demented, he's just as likely to slash the company's budget as he is to riddle you with bullets. "Oh, why is there plastic covering on the carpet? That's a good question. " Nobody knows what happened to your predecessor.

The Sleigh Driver 28. The Memo-ist 29. The Patriarch 30. 30-Across 31. Recently Separated 32. Tenured 33. The Dilettante 34. The Misanthrope 35. The Backstabber 36. The Junior Capitalist 37. Mr. Clean 38. The Dropout 39. Pharaoh 40. Madame Secretary 41. ) 42. The Blue Blood 43. The Screamer 44. Mr. Wonderful 45. Mr. Five-Point Plan 46. The Infirm 47. Out to Pasture 48. The Fitness Fanatic 49. The Ventriloquist 50. '70s Dude Turned Corporate 51. Your Boss Contents 1. The Former Thespian 2. The Big-Game Hunter 3.

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