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By John Acorn

With iridescent blues and vegetables, damselflies are the most appealing flying bugs in addition to the main primitive. As participants of the insect order Odonata they're with regards to dragonflies yet are categorized in a separate suborder. those aquatic bugs are a pride to the attention and a desirable creature of analysis. In Damselflies of Alberta, naturalist John Acorn describes the twenty-two species local to the province. Exhaustively researched, but written in an obtainable variety, the author's enthusiasm for those flying neon toothpicks is compelling. greater than a box consultant, it is a passionate research into one in all nature's winged marvels of the wetlands.

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In fact, when we look back at the history of damselfly study here in Alberta, we see what looks like a pattern of gaining species, not losing them. With more water on the prairies, the damselfly fauna of Alberta has burgeoned far beyond its original scope. Since 1950, Britain has lost 3 of its 42 odonate species, while in that same period of time, we here in Alberta have documented 7 species of damselflies alone that were either not present 50 years ago or were yet to be discovered in the province.

Armed with my typically Albertan quasi-understanding of French, I set out to identify dragonflies and damselflies. It was easier than I thought it would be, since many terms in entomology books are common to both languages. Soon, I added Rob Cannings’ and Kathleen Stuart’s fine book, The Dragonflies of British Columbia, to my bookshelf (an almost-impossible-to-find treasure nowadays) and then, eventually, the volumes by Walker and Corbet. Two things seemed clear to me back then. First, British Columbia was very well known in terms of its odonates.

Since collecting the Damselfly Conservation in Alberta 47 A freshly emerged vivid dancer, looking less vivid than it eventually will, perched on the boardwalk at the Cave and Basin Hotsprings. data was a collaborative venture, examining it should be as well. This may, however, be a difficult thing to achieve, what with the territorial, competitive aspects of human nature. The other aspect of databasing that worries me is that the form in which the data is stored can easily become outdated. When I was young, I filled out “Alberta Animal Record Cards” every time I saw a bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, or insect.

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