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By Courtney Summers

Excellent Parker Fadley isn’t so excellent anymore. She’s hand over the cheerleading squad, she’s dumped her ideal boyfriend, and she’s failing tuition. Her mom and dad are on a continuing suicide watch and her counselors imagine she’s taking part in games…but what they don’t comprehend, the true explanation for this entire mess, isn’t anything she will say out loud. It isn’t even anything she will say to herself. A terrible factor has occurred and it simply should be her fault. If she will be able to simply get rid of herself from all people - be completely on my own - then every thing can be okay...The challenge is, no one will permit her.

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That’s it? ” “You don’t want in my pants. ” A couple passing freshmen give us startled looks. “Look, I was just trying to be nice to you and—” “Give me the chance to redeem myself; I know,” I say. ” “Not likely. I just thought you’d want to know how it made you sound. ” I stop; he stops. ” “There. ” We arrive at homeroom. Perfect timing. I get to leave Jake sputtering in the doorway. It’s almost worth being early for that alone. The room is only half-full and Becky is nowhere to be found, but Chris is seated in the middle row, working on his homework.

I usually sit at the front, close my eyes and open them at my stop. ” “Near the middle,” he says. “Anyway, Friday’s fine. ” Nothing happens Wednesday and almost nothing happens Thursday until I accidentally overhear Becky and Chris schedule their second date for Saturday. I make a mental note to find out the time they’re taking off so I can sneak into his backyard again. “You said you felt overwhelmed on Monday,” Grey says. ” “What else do you want me to say? ” “Actually, I was thinking ‘hysterical’ would be a more apt description.

It’s funny—I think I’d actually rather be learning right now. ” “You’ve done most of your homework. Good. Next week try for all of it, okay? Mrs. Jones informed me she’s willing to be lenient about math since you’ve managed to get behind an entire unit, but that’s not indefinite. ” I nod. ” We get quiet. Grey’s office is such a pit. There are no windows in here and some dumb ass thought fluorescent lights would be a great way to compensate. If anyone comes in here ready to die, they probably leave feeling that way, too.

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