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By J. F. A. P. Miller (auth.), Noel L. Warner, Max D. Cooper, M. G. Hanna Jr. (eds.)

In this present quantity of latest subject matters in Immunobiology we've selected to proceed with the multiple-theme technique that used to be constructed in Volumes 1, three, and five of this sequence. Immunobiology nonetheless indicates little signal of lowering its lively progress cost, yet fairly is continuous to expand its diversity of pursuits and functions, rather as new ideas and strategies are tailored from different fields of clinical learn. This current quantity displays either numerous of the extra classical components of immunology now addressed within the mild of latest immunology, and several other more recent instructions which have been taken in different fields. the overall topic of T-cell heterogeneity and capabilities of T-cell subpop­ ulations is addressed in Chapters 1 and a couple of. the capability position of genes of the main histocompatibility complicated in controlling the immune features of T lymphocytes nonetheless continues to be a massive unresolved factor in immunogenetics, and the present prestige of this challenge is excellently reviewed by means of J. F. A. P. Miller. The extra elucidation of practical subpopulations of human T lymphocytes has been fairly hampered by means of the inability of obtainable markers for personality­ izing and separating such sUbpopulations. an immense step during this course has been made by way of L. Moretta, M. Ferrarini, and M. D. Cooper, who assessment their ex­ perience with Fc-receptor-bearing human T-Iymphocyte populations.

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C. Specificity of T-Cell Receptors for IgM and IgG The specificity of the receptor for IgM on human T cells has been analyzed in a number of laboratories by studying the inhibitory capacity of purified human immunoglobulins or immunoglobulin fragments in the rosette assay. , 1975; McConnell and Hurd, 24 Lorenzo Moretta et 01. , 1976}. More precisely, the CH4 homology domain has been identified as the portion of the IgM molecule for which the receptor has affmity (Conradie and Bubb, 1977). Monomeric IgM seems to bind to the T-cell receptor with the same efficiency as does pentameric IgM.

Vadas, M. , Miller, 1. F. A. , McKenzie, I. F. , Chism, S. , Shen, F. , Boyse, E. , 1976, Ly and Ia antigen phenotypes of T cells involved in delayed type hypersensitivity and in suppression,J. Exp. Med. 144:10. Vadas, M. , Miller, J. F. A. , 1977, Regulation by the H·2 gene complex of delayed-type hypersensitivity, Immunogenetics 4: 137. , 1976, Cytotoxic T lymphocytes recognise allogeneic tolerated TNP-conjugated cells, Nature 261:141. , 1976, T cell function in bone marrow chimeras: absence of host-reactive T cells and cooperation of helper T cells across allogeneic barriers, Transplant.

E. , 1977c). Preliminary studies revealed that pronase exposure could eliminate receptors for both IgM and IgG, although a higher concentration of the enzyme (600 Jlg/rnl) was needed for eliminating the binding capacity for IgG than for IgM (50 Jlg/ml). By contrast, trypsin treatment abolished IgM binding but not the IgG binding by T cells. Resistance to trypsin treatment of IgG receptors on B and "null" lymphocytes has been Lorenzo Moretta et 01. G Figure 2. G), and ones that fail to bind IgM- or IgG-coated red cells (T·nun)· Characterization of Human T -CeH Subpopulations 27 previously observed by others (Dickler, 1976).

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