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By A. J. S. Davies, R. L. Carter (auth.), A. J. S. Davies, R. L. Carter (eds.)

This moment quantity of latest subject matters in Immunobiology considers many facets of thymus dependency as a way to exemplify the function of the thy­ mus in several species and various immunological responses. it's not in­ tended to be a compendium of the responses that have been proven to be thymus established yet relatively to demonstrate for the reader the factors he may still follow in pondering the importance of the thymus in immune responses. we're thankful to the editors and publishers of the Annals of the recent York Academy of technological know-how, the Australian magazine of Experimental Biology and scientific technological know-how, medical and Experimental Immunology, Immunology, the magazine of Experimental medication, the magazine of Immunology, Laboratory research, Nature, and the court cases of the Royal Society of drugs and to Springer-Verlag, Berlin, for permission to breed illustrations. particular references are given within the textual content. we might additionally wish to thank the participants for his or her time and effort and willingness to undergo the editorial crimson pencils. The workout of those censori­ ous tools intended that the manuscripts needed to be reorganized and retyped. Mrs. J. Pettis, Mrs. A. Inglefield, and leave out M. Butt all helped, and we're so much thankful to them. A.J.S.D. R.L.e.

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Rec. 14:205. Webster, W. , 1934. J. Morpho/, 56:295. , 1965. Zellforsch. Mikroscop. Anat. Abt. Histochem. 65:256. liIn general, thymectomy carried out in adult life causes little subsequent alteration in immunological reactivity; thymectomy performed in small laboratory rodents shortly after birth often produces striking deficiencies, particularly in cell-mediated immune responses such as homograft rejection and delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions. Some strains of mice when thymectomized at birth become more susceptible to infections and undergo a runting syndrome which leads to their premature death; they also have defective humoral antibody responses to certain antigens (Miller, 1961; Parrott, 1962; Miller and Osoba, 1967).

In their very early thymectomy experiments at 8 days, Horton and Manning believe it is unlikely that any prolonged or extensive passaging of cells through the thymus could have taken place: at 8 days, the thymus consists of a mere 1000-2000 cells. It is also unlikely that sufficient numbers of thymus-dependent Light microscopy, senescence Gross anatomy, histology Hightower and St. Pierre (1971) Cooper and Hildemann Baculi and Cooper (1967, 1968), Baculi et aZ. (1970), Cooper Adult Lepomis macrochirus (bluegill) Adult NectrocaeciZia cooperii Adult Batrachoseps attenuatus Adult NotophthaZamus viridescens Larval Rana catesbeiana Rana catesbeiana Thymus, pronephros, spleen Thymus, spleen, liver, peripheral blood Liver Thymus, spleen, liver, intestine Thymus LMI-LM7 Analysis Light microscopy Light microscopy, plaque formation Light microscopy (1967a) (1965a) Light microscopy Amphibia: Urodela Campbell (1969) Electron microscopy Garcia-Herrera and Cooper (1968) Amphibia: Apoda SmithetaZ.

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