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Bush The terms deconstruction and différence are central to both Jacques Derrida’s work and to poststructuralism generally. These terms attempt to provide an alternative to metaphysical construals of linguistic meaning. I compare Derrida’s discussion of linguistic meaning and reference with the contemporary pragmatist, Robert Brandom, arguing that Brandom has important similarities to Derrida. However, whereas Derrida remains committed to metaphysics even as he tries to contest it, Brandom, to his credit, more thoroughly rejects metaphysics.

9). He follows the above statement with, “The careful study of many of these pragmatical features of language, which are not necessarily independent of each other, requires the help of empirical science” (9). This admission may, in fact, indicate one of the reasons for pragmatics never being developed to the extent semantics and syntactics were developed. Wilfrid Sellars had made a similar attempt to systematize pragmatics in 1947, although he distinguished his system as “pure pragmatics,” the fundamental concept of which was that “the minimum formal requirement which a formal system must fill in Pragmatics and Pragmatic Considerations in Explanation 39 order to be a candidate for the position of empirically meaningful language is that it be capable of being ‘about’ a world in which it is used” (187).

Peirce, William James, and John Dewey), their later twentieth-century heirs (especially Richard Rorty), and other philosophers who give a central place to social practices in their work (like Ludwig Wittgenstein, Donald Davidson, and Wilfrid Sellars) all give an essential role to social activities such as interpreting, experimenting, and classifying in their discussions of knowledge and meaning, a number of studies have compared Derrida and other poststructuralists with pragmatists and other philosophers of the social practical (Stone 2000; Wheeler 2000; Rorty 1982, 1989, 1991, 1991, 1991, 1993, 1996; Mouffe 1996).

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