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In contrast to the attributive adjective which singles out a particular characteristic of a definite noun, the descriptive adjective simply restricts the noun to a generic type. Thus, while, according to Maltese syntactic usage, in the example il-knisja l-qadima 'the old church' one particular church is singled out, in the example il-knisja lokali 'the local church' , a particular type of church is hinted at. At no level of Maltese is it possible to say * il-knisja l-lokali or *l-ispirtu l-awtentiku.

4 3 . g. 33 : 8 ; l-isban playing field 'the most beautiful playing field' N 5. 43-44 :9. The structure present here is very similar to that of the syntactic unit il-famuz strajk 'the famous strike' mentioned above. The difference is only morphological, in that in these examples the adjectives are in the comparative form, while those above were in the positive form. The usage of prefixing the definite article only before the adjective in the comparative form, and not before the noun as well, is accepted in all types of Maltese alike.

34 :8. 48 2. 3 1 1 3 As to formation, Semitic Maltese nouns may be formed on older roots. These are generally either nouns of unity, as in the case of serqa 'burglary' from the verb seraq 'to steal', or nouns denoting state or action, as in serq 'stealing' from the same verb seraq as above. Such reconstructions occur in both the literary and the journalistic language. g. 55 : 1 6. g. mument 'moment', motto 'motto', Marzu 'March', kaje 'coffee', suffle 'sponge-cake'. g. in vaijoni 'invasion', serje 'series', munita (cp.

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