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By Ari Ivaska (auth.), Ari Ivaska, Andrzej Lewenstam, Rolf Sara (eds.)

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3) forcing the S/H to the sample mode and enabling the first latch to follow the output of the autoranger. After the next time-out the cycle begins anew until a predetermined number of data points has been read. 4). VIA is programmed to a pulse output-mode, where writing of the lower bits of a potential causes VIA to generate a clock pulse for the latches, which transmit the potential to the D / A-converter. The output range of the converter-amplifier system can be manually selected. Discussion Our primary aim has been to construct a convenient electrochemical measuring system for the characterization of conducting polymers.

All these usually necessitate the use of a computer to control the measurement. The basic component of electrochemical instrumentation is the potentiostat. The use of a single computer or microprocessor to control voltammetric instrumentation is weil established and many digitally controlled potentinstat configurations have been described, 1 - 6 but the limited capabilities of microprocessors may render their use difficult and a minicomputer system is quite expensive for control purposes. On the other hand, the use of two computers, a microprocessor or a microcomputer for realtime control of the experiment and a hast computer for data evaluation, offers several advantages.

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