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By C. Gregoriou

Crime and criminals are a pervasive topic in all components of our tradition, together with media, journalism, movie and literature. This booklet explores how crime is built and culturally represented via more than a few components together with Spanish, English Language and Literature, track, Criminology, Gender, legislations, Cultural and felony Justice reports.

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32). Mrs Justice Swift found it difficult to envisage circumstances in which a denial of the abuse by Father Spencer (assuming he had denied it) would have prevailed over the evidence of the claimant and his witnesses. In particular, he could have had no plausible innocent explanation for the contents of his letter of 28 June 2000. (Raggett 2009:124) Six months before his death, after Mr Raggett renewed contact with him, Father Spencer wrote him a letter in which he referred to the nude photographs as ‘the super-specials – never seen by anyone’, which ‘unfortunately, had to be “eliminated” years later’ (quoted at Raggett 2009:para.

It was in the aftermath of terrorist attempts that individual states, including those forming part of the European Union, have found themselves increasingly concerned with security measures in aviation. Following the ‘shoe-bomber’ attempt on a US aircraft in December 2001, several countries boosted the screening of shoes, while after the terrorist attempt in 2006 to blow up a number of aircraft over the Atlantic using liquid explosives, airport security banned the carrying of all liquids on board commercial aircraft (European Commission 2010a).

2001). A Dictionary of Stylistics (2nd edn). London: Longman. Whorf, Benjamin Lee. (1956). Science and linguistics. In J. B. ) Language, Thought and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 3 Narrative and Historical Truth in Delayed Civil Actions for Child Abuse Tony Ward Most crimes are also civil wrongs, so allegations of criminal wrongdoing are sometimes tested by civil judges who sit without juries, give reasons for their findings of fact, and reach those findings on the balance of probabilities rather than claiming that they are ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

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