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By Yael Calhoun, David Seideman

The move to preserve usual assets is an important factor for environmentalists this present day. Many normal assets - from fossil fuels to undeveloped lands - exist in finite provides. the single method to make sure that they are going to nonetheless be on hand for destiny use is to guard them and to recycle as frequently as attainable.

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Their numbers are probably dwindling fast from native hunting and the clearing of the forests in which they live. No scientist has yet seen one in the wild, but in 1998 Does It Matter if Plants and Animals Go Extinct? a photograph was captured by a pressure-released trap camera. And for a short time, before she died, a female brought in by Hmong hunters was kept in the zoo at Lak Xao, Laos. For centuries, birds have been the most pursued and best known of all animals, but here again new species are still coming to light at a steady pace.

And in this diversity, one hopes, lies its strength. The challenge of the yet-to-be-formed “fourth wave,” Shabecoff notes, is that it must be “sophisticated, visionary, and aggressive” enough to deal with all the environmental problems facing both the planet and all of its inhabitants. —The Editor “The Story Until Now” by Philip Shabecoff About a century ago, in the middle of a thunderstorm high in the Sierra Nevada, a gaunt, bearded man climbed to the top of a wildly swaying evergreen tree, in order, he later explained, to enjoy riding the wind.

And both are different enough from the hominids, with distant enough common ancestry, to constitute not only a distinct genus but a separate family, the Pongidae. The Pongidae also includes a second genus for the orangutan and a third for the two species of gorillas. And thus in visualizing life we travel nomenclaturally outward through the gossamer pavilions of Earth’s biodiversity. The principles of higher classification are very easy to grasp, once you get used to the Latinized names. The Linnaean system builds up hierarchically to the higher categories of biodiversity by the same basic principles used to organize ground combat troops, proceeding from squads to platoons to companies to divisions to corps to armies.

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