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By Yael Bentor

This research of the Indo-Tibetan ritual for consecrating pictures, "stupas", books and temples is predicated on an exam of proper Tibetan textual fabric contained in Tantras, commentaries, ritual manuals and explanatory works on consecration.

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3-5. rab-tu gnas-par bya-bar nus/ slob-ma dang-bas gsol 'debspast bsod-nams-phyir ni bya-ba-ste! Tah. 373. pp. 1. The Sanskrit is somewhat different: si,yyasyadhye$aIJa-sraddhart:/ karttavyart:/ pUlJya-hetuta~1 nirvvikalpaka-rupelJ a prati$fha-deva-sthdpanaY(lf (Bentor, in preparation I). " IThe answer is:] since ultimately there are no mental elaborations of establishing agent (gnas-byed) and that which is to be established (ralJ-lu gnas-hya), the establishing/consecrationis unnecessary. )') The latter point is made also by Atisa who, in his frequently quoted consecration text in the Tanjur, says: The consecration is both necessary and unnecessary.

This position of the Consecration Tantra is also taken up by several renowned authors of consecration manuals. Rje-btsun Grags-pa-rgyalmtshan (1147-1216) says: In ultimate truth, by performing consecration of the Tathagata's image one does not make any improvement on it; by not performing it there is no impairment. Still, consecration was taught as a mere designation in conventional truth for the sake of increasing the virtue of the faithful,35 Thus, in ultimate truth the consecration has no effect.

1954/1975:371), 49 See the section on tantric rituals and consecration above. 50 See the section on tantric rituals and consecration above. 51 While the Tog Palace edition has (p. 745): "may you enter (zhugs) this reflected image", the Derge and Peking (p. 1223) editions have: "may you abide (bzhugs)". ltar sangs-rgyas thams-cad nil dga' -ldan-du ni gnas-pa las! lha-mo sgyu-'phrul lhums zhugs-ltar! de-bzhin gzugs-brnyan-' dir bzhugs {zhugs]-shigl Consecration Tantra, Toh. 486, pp. 1; the Sarrzvarodaya Tantra, Toh.

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