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MeCsH4(CsHs)TiCl2 (1630). ) (l648a). Cl(CH2)3Br + AlCl3- a polymeric matl. (1648a). H20 at 90-95° -dec. (1109, 1219). EtOH under N- CsHsTi(OEt)Cl2 (1458). ROH in hydrocarbon solvents+ a base- (C 5 H5 ) 2Ti(OR)Cl (1458, 1837). CF3CH~Na - (CsHs)2Ti(OCH2CF3)2 (1756). EtOK in EtOH, followed by Tl reagent- C5 HsTl (1866). RSNa- (CsHs)2Ti(SR)2 (1403). R3SiONa - (CsHs)2Ti(OSiR3)Cl (1280, 1498), (CsHs) 2Ti(OSiR3)2 (1280, 1402, 1498), (R3Si0)4Ti (958, 1402) and [(CsHs) 2TiC1] 20 (1498). Ph2Si(OH)2 in Py-dioxane -a Ti-0-Si copolymer free of the CsHs groups (1219).

From (CsHs)2TiC12 by the rxn. with p-Me2NCe~Li (379, 380). : Maroon crystals, on heating -Me2NPh, C5 He and a residue (379, 380). Table 6. Alkyl- and Arylbis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium Compounds Prepd. from (CsHs)2TiC12 and Me Et Pr CaFs C1 Me3Al (1:>1) Cl Cl Cl MeMgC1 EtMgCl PrLi CeFsMgBr CeFsLi (1:1) F Yield 1o 90 60 29 (CsHs)2Ti(CeFs)2 + HCl (CsHs)2Ti(CeFs)2 + HF or by dec. at 150° Prop. Ref. Orange-red, m. ) Rxn. (a) m. 92-94°, IR spectrum Orange powder, dec. 160° m. 187-188° m. 201-203°, IR and NMR spectra Rxn.

Powder (1365), m. 108° (2024). Use: Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins (2024). : From (CsHs)2TiC12 by heating with Et3Al in heptane or MePh (26, 267, 267a, 581, 758, 1137, 1336). From (CsHs)2TiCl and Et2AlCl (758). From TiCl3 by the rxn. with CsHsA1Et 2 (1218, 1488). From TiCl3 by the rxn. with C5 H5 Na and Et2AlCl (1488). From TiCl3 by the rxn. with Na[Al(C 5 Hs)2Et 2 ] (1488). : Blue crystals, m. 125-130° (267, 267a). Blue-green needles, m. 121122~, dec. 180° (581, 1336). Crystallographic data (758, 1336).

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