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This can be a visible consultant to the strategies, campaigns, and genius of the best army commanders in background. From Alexander the Great's conquest of the identified global correct as much as the generals top latest campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, "Commanders" casts new mild at the leaders who've cast historical past at the battlefield. filled with distinct illustrations and images, conflict maps and artefacts, discover the lives and conquests of over 240 commanders, with in-depth profiles on 21 key figures, similar to Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Nelson. detect extra approximately their enemies, from Pompey and Boudicca to Marshal Ney and Kutuzov, revealing their defining moments and key battles. "Clash of the Commanders" positive factors convey how one commander triumphed and one other failed, with timelines plotting the main strikes on each side. fees from the commanders themselves, positive aspects on their own results, guns, automobiles and photos, all carry the lives and careers of those commanders to lifestyles.

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ATTILA THE HUN EMPEROR OF THE HUNS BORN 406 CE DIED 453 CE KEY CONFLICTS Invasions of the Balkans, Italy, and Gaul KEY BATTLES Châlons 451 CE CHÂLONS CAMPAIGN Hunnic invasions DATE 451 CE LOCATION Northeastern France  500 During Attila’s invasion of Gaul he besieged Orléans. An army led by Roman general Aetius, consisting largely of Franks and Alans, and of Visigoths under their king, Theodoric, interrupted the siege. Attila withdrew to the Catalaunian Plains, near Châlons-en-Champagne, where he gave battle.

Antony abandoned the battle to join her, leaving his warships to be harried into surrender. Octavian pursued the fugitives to Egypt, where both committed suicide. CE Actium 31 BCE Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was a close companion of Octavian (the future Emperor Augustus) from childhood. A more gifted combat commander than Octavian, Agrippa was his right-hand man during the wars that followed Caesar’s death. He initially campaigned on land, but in 37 bce the threat posed by Sextus Pompeius, youngest son of Pompey the Great, turned him into a naval commander.

In 55 and 54 BCE he even sailed across the Channel in punitive raids on the Celtic tribes of Britain. These campaigns were his personal project – he had no mandate from Rome to wage aggressive war in Gaul. Part of his motivation was financial. The plunder enabled him to pay off his immense debts and to reward the loyalty of his legionaries. But Caesar also wanted to build a reputation as an outstanding general to bolster a future claim to political power, and he wrote eloquent memoirs of his campaigns.

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