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By Anita Biressi; Heather Nunn

How does tradition articulate, body, organise and bring tales approximately social category and sophistication distinction? What do those tales let us know approximately modern types of good fortune, failure, fight and aspiration? How have class-based labels been revived or newly-minted to classify the insiders and outsiders of the hot 'age of austerity'? Drawing on examples from the Eighties to the current day this publication investigates the altering panorama of sophistication and divulges the way it has develop into populated by way of a number of classed figures together with Essex guy and Essex woman, the 'squeezed middle', the 'sharp-elbowed heart class', the 'feral underclass', the 'white operating class', the 'undeserving poor', 'selfish child boomers' and others. total, the ebook argues that social category, even though advanced and hugely contested, continues to be a sound and fruitful path into knowing how modern British tradition articulates social contrast and social distinction and the numerous charges and investments at stake for all concerned.

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The City was transformed from a place of aristocratic decorum to one of greed-is-good. From the repositioning of Essex as a place of tasteless wealth to the vulgarization of the Cotswold gentry, from the dramatic upturn in London cuisine to the boom in weekend breaks, Thatcher’s Britain flaunted money. 8 His character quickly embedded itself in the national consciousness. Labour party opposition leader Neil Kinnock was the first reported politician to use the term as a critique of late Thatcherite economics on 20 May 1988.

Pen sketches such as these reinforced the notion that Essex Man and Woman had developed a close and lasting affinity with Thatcherism and Thatcherite free market capitalism; that the neoliberal economics which characterised those years was wholly in line with their worldview. As it turned out, in the post-Thatcher decades no political party could rely on consistent support from the majority of the electorate, whatever their earlier shared history. The relationship between working-class people and Conservatism was not especially sustained or consistent, and ‘instability’ became ‘normal politics’ (Evans 2002:220).

4 Opening scenes switch from idyllic images of other counties (with an approving voiceover speaking in Received Pronunciation) to the interior of an Essex pub in which a sing-along is taking place. Here white men in sportswear and white women wearing white stiletto shoes list the defining characteristics of Essex and Essex folk, a fragment of which we reproduce below: Essex, where there’s mobile phones galore and in every dream home a rottweiler, where you find the likes of Norman Tebbit [prominent Thatcherite and an Essex MP] go, where page three girls [tabloid models] buy their mum a bungalow.

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