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By Carrie Pemberton

This quantity strains the origins of the Circle of involved African ladies Theologians, a gaggle of African ladies theologians tested within the Nineteen Eighties. The circulation has been devoted to study, book and aid of African girls. The textual content strains a fight opposed to except for and alienating practices from Western missionary culture and African cultural transpositions in modern church and society. The theology of advocacy which has emerged encourages African girls to strengthen theologies of empowerment from their histories and struggles, and addresses the a number of crises which the continent faces. The problematics of tradition, ethics and post-colonialism is explored within the matters surrounding ubiquitous violence opposed to ladies at the continent and the continuation of clitoridectomy as a permanent approach for marking gender and extended family for a few African peoples.

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However, I trust that in these pages you will find the struggle to understand worth the pain of not knowing, feeling lost, and being separated, and through your attention will discover from women in Africa a gift of liberation and understanding through relatedness in your own journey. CHAPTER TWO THE ECUMENICAL AND CONTEMPORARY LOCATION OF THE CIRCLE OF CONCERNED AFRICAN WOMEN THEOLOGIANS The Circle is unique in being the initiative and vision of one woman, which gained the enthusiastic welcome and support of EATWOT women in Africa and subsequently that of many more.

Freedom under the Cross’. They brought youth from all over Africa, from all over Africa, and I was part of the delegation. At the end of this youth assembly of hundreds and hundreds of youth, they chose ten young people to represent the youth of Africa in 1963, the following year, at the youth assembly. So I was a privileged one, amongst the ten, to go now to Uganda. So ten of us young people, feeling very proud that we were chosen by hundreds and hundreds of youth, [went], and the World Council met me there, and that’s how I discovered that the World Council existed.

Those American women! Pemberton: They were making links for you? Bam: Strong, strong links. Then they were really on it and Europe was not ready. Europe was not there. And then we would have these consultations in Geneva which I would call theologians from Europe . . when they did come, they came strongly. (Dorothy Sölle, Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel, were indicated) . . Pauline Webb’s office, they came through there, then it changed. The debate changed. Then the world started to take it seriously (Bam 1996).

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