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North and south and east and west,earth and fireplace, air and water,And the 5th course, center's spirit,on it walks the looking out daughters.The five-pointed megastar is the Wiccan image of the Spirit, and that is how Cooper wears it. these no longer versed within the methods of the Craft locate it unsettling, besides the fact that. Will Cooper, Annie, and Kate be capable to stand up to the tide of controversy bearing down upon them?

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Cooper stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. The tone of the principal’s voice made her feel less nervous. If it was bad news, she wouldn’t have sounded so cheerful, she thought as she sat down in one of the two chairs positioned in front of the desk. Principal Browning clicked away at her keyboard for a moment more and then turned to look at Cooper. “Budgets,” she said, sounding weary. “Every year everybody wants more money and there’s less to go around. ” Cooper smiled. She’d always liked Mrs.

Brian asked Cooper, pointing to the pentacle that was swinging from its cord. “Oh,” Cooper said, looking at Annie. ” Brian looked more closely. ” “It’s a really old symbol,” Sasha told him. ” “I know what it is,” Brian said, ignoring her. “It was on a CD that came into the store the other day. One of those goth metal bands or something. Maybe Marilyn Manson or White Zombie—one of those freaky groups. ” “No,” Cooper said simply as she walked away. “It’s just a good luck charm,” Annie repeated, hoping Brian would buy the story and leave it at that.

Things improved a little in Annie’s next class, calculus. She was good with numbers, which was why her friends had to suffer through a second year of algebra while she got to sit in with the seniors. Then, in fourth period, she was reunited with Kate and Sasha, this time for driver’s ed. The three of them were excited about taking the class. Cooper already had her license, as well as a car, but the rest of them still had only their learner’s permits. Their instructor was Mr. Caffrey, who also taught gym.

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