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By Teun Tieleman

The "On Affections" by means of the Stoic thinker Chrysippus (c.280-205BCE) contained the vintage exposition of the Stoic concept of the feelings. This ebook presents a clean dialogue of the extant proof, i.e. the fragments and stories preserved by way of later resources. It goals to set up the precise volume of accessible facts and to rearrange the fragmentary fabric with a view to see how a ways the unique treatise will be reconstructed. The fragments are interpreted either of their literary context and within the gentle of Stoic doctrines identified from different resources. Given its contextual strategy, this research contains huge dialogue of the tools of assets akin to Galen, Posidonius and Cicero. furthermore, the scientific backdrop to Chrysippus' thought gets enormous cognizance.

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2, pp. 10 N u t t o n . 60 opts f o r suspension of j u d g e m e n t as to t h e soul's s u b s t a n c e — t h o u g h h e p r e f e r s t b e view that it is divine a n d u n c o r p o r e a l in view of its power of m e m o r y : si quid sit, non vides, at qu a I e sit vides; si ne id quidem, at quantum sit profecto vides. H e r e we have t h e same s e q u e n c e substance—quality —quantity as in the parallel passages. ' question with r e f e r e n c e to the soul's powers of memory. g. PA Γ 4 a n d luv.

L ) . 2 6 This is because h e t e n d s to link the c o n c e p t of t h e soul's parts o r f o r m s with their b e i n g situated in separate bodily organs. g. ). From h e r e it seems b u t a small step to identify the parts (or ' f o r m s ' , ε'ιδη) of t h e soul with the f o r m s of the organs. 2 8 In PHP h e n e v e r m a k e s this last step, however. 7-9). 29 In fact, he still considers c o r p o r e a l i s m an o p t i o n in view of t h e s u p p o s e d existence of psychic πνεύμα.

For P o s i d o n i u s , like t h e o t h e r Stoics, it d e n o t e s n o t Aristotelian essence b u t c o r p o r e a l substance, viz. 62 In his On 60 See supra, p. 29. Note that the same position is ascribed by Porphyry to a plurality of Platonists, ibid. p. 1 ff. 61 Cf. supra, pp. 29, 34 for Galen's similar appeal to Plato. L. 157 = Pos. -K. Cf. 5 (Fr. 146), Comm. vol. , who speaks of a confusion on Galen's part as to the sense of ούσία, but it may be m o r e accurate to speak of distortion.

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