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By David Niall Wilson

Whilst the sensors of the U.S.S. Voyager become aware of considerable plants on an unexplored planet, Captain Janeway leads an Away crew looking for clean nutrients offers. They locate lavish gardens inhabited via an enigmatic alien race that holds the gardens sacred. The fragrent blossoms are appealing, engaging -- and much extra harmful than they seem. one after the other, the Away workforce starts to fall into deep comas from which they can not be revived. Unwilling to unfold the sickness to Voyager, the Away staff is trapped in the world till a treatment are available, yet their research is perceived as desecration by way of the religious worshippers of the gardens. Pursued via a fanactical mob, slowly succumbing to the insidious impression of the blossoms, Janeway faces both a violent loss of life -- or an never-ending sleep.

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Smiling, Janeway nodded toward Neelix. "Try and finish soon," she told him. Turning back to Vok, she gestured toward the ruined city that surrounded them. "Your ancestors created a very impressive home here," she said. " "It was a glorious civilization," Vok said, his voice betraying a bit of emotion that was still absent from the sad mournful lines of his face. "They built this city to honor their own ancestors. " Tuvok asked. "We believe that once we have been lain to the final rest of this body, we will rise again to a new life-a new birth," Vok intoned.

Reflexively, she brought her tricorder up to chest level and began a routine scan of the area. Years in Starfleet had burned the harsh lessons of alien landscapes into her psyche, and she wasn't about to endanger herself or her companions unnecessarily ... not even to enjoy the beauty of such a remarkable place. There would be plenty of time to explore and to take in the scenery once they'd determined as well as possible the inherent threats. Neelix was not so cautious. With a chortle of glee, he rushed to the side of the clearing, snatching at a green leafy paint and yanking it upward.

We believe that once we have been lain to the final rest of this body, we will rise again to a new life-a new birth," Vok intoned. "It is the goal we dedicate our lives to. It is the goal our ancestors sought, as well. They left this city behind when they began that journey. " Janeway felt another tug of memory-of pain. The thought of death and rebirth was a familiar one-a belief her own people had fostered and that she felt very much separated from, lost as they were in a quadrant so far from home.

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