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By Monika Hilker, Torsten Meiners

This is often the 1st publication concentrating on the chemoecology of insect eggs and egg deposition. It covers quite a lot of diverse matters together with herbivorous and carnivorous bugs, social bugs and people of clinical and veterinary significance. the data compiled during this e-book may well advertise destiny reviews on evolutionary facets on insect reproductive behaviour in addition to on controlling insect pests by way of focusing on the egg degree.

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G. fruit flies and mosquitoes), the vitelline membrane is formed following the localized apposition of vitelline membrane material called “vitelline bodies” on the oocyte-follicle cell interface (Mahowald, 1972; Edwards, 1996). Following the completion of yolk uptake, microvilli withdraw and the vitelline bodies fuse to make a thick, highly elastic membrane that gradually thins down due to the continuous increase in the oocyte volume. 1) featuring both radial and regional complexity. The subsequent morphogenic processes of the remaining chorion layers largely depend on the type of structure and follows quite a complicated pattern.

H) The s15 late chorion protein secreted bythefolliclecells duringthevery late stages ofendochorion morphogenesis was immunolocalized (immunogold particles - arrow) over the entire endochorion (en) of the mature eggshell. No gold particles are seen overthe exochorion (ex). (i)TEM micrographshowing Drosophilamelanogaster nursecell nuclei (n) undergoingchromatin condensation during late oogenesis. (i)Confocal microscopy following TUNEL labelling of a Drosophila melanogaster stage 1 3 follicle revealing nurse cell (nc) DNA fragmentation; an autofluorescent elongating respiratory filament (rfl is also indicated.

These proteins are synthesized in a non sex-specific manner in the fat body cells and appear to be distinct from the major vitellogenins. They are however secreted into the haemolymph and sequestered in the developing oocytes. , 1996). , 2001) has only recently been analysed by means of transmission electron microscope (TEM) immunolocalization and appear to be quite similar. Following secretion, yolk proteins, along with their haemolymph originating counterparts (Figure 1-4a), diffuse through permeable channels in the vitelline membrane maintained by the extended follicle cell microvilliand finallyreach the plasma membrane of the oocyte (Figure 1-4d).

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