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By Jennifer Crusie

A hilarious and heartfelt story by means of the grasp of romantic comedy, Jennifer Crusie! 

Dumped through her boyfriend and demoted from WBBB's prime-time spot, radio manufacturer Allie McGuffey has nowhere to move yet up. She plans to make her comeback through turning transitority DJ Charlie Tenniel right into a family identify. And if he is prepared to assist medication her breakup blues with a rebound fling, that is an additional bonus. 

Charlie simply desires to sit back, play strong tunes and consume chinese language nutrition. he is not attracted to turning into well-known. yet he is attracted to Allie. And in any case, what damage is a bit chemistry among friends? 

But by surprise their one-night stand has develop into a four-week dependancy. evening after evening at the airwaves, his voice seduces her…and all of the different girls on the town. he is successful. It seems like Charlie's solved all Allie's problems…except one. what's she going to do while he leaves?

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He could probably get the information from other people, but other people didn't have Allie' s voice . Or Allie's mouth. If he had to listen to a lot of boring things about a radio station, he at leas t wante d to hear them in Allie's voice, watching Allie's mouth. "Where are you going? " Allie gestured to the dining room. "With my dinner date. The only perfect man I know. " Charlie nodded at her encouragingly, "Your father. We should meet so he can see the kin d of guy you're working with. " "No.

He was a little dizzy by the time he remembered where he was and came up fo r air . " Allie sounded more breathless than annoyed when she pulled away fro m him . "Making my move. " Charlie reached for her, and she stepped back . Mark looked disgruntled. "Well, really, Allie, you're in public. " Charlie smiled at him happily. " Allie took anothe r ste p back, and Charlie stood up to follow her. "Well, it looks like we're moving on," he told Mark . "Tel l Lisa we said hi. " When they were in the hallway, Allie shook her head.

I'll sleep with Charlie, and then I'll be over Mark. " Joe put his head in his hands. "Even for you, this is a dumb idea. " Allie blinked down at him. "It's worked great so far. I don't mind about Mark much at al l when I'm around Charlie. " "And what are you going to do to get over Charlie? " "I won't need to get over Charlie. From now on, I'm concentrating on my career. Charlie is jus t a fling. " Joe looked at her as if she were demented. "Except you're not the kind of woman who has flings .

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