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By Steven M. Nadler

Three basic bills of causation stand out in early smooth philosophy: Cartesian interactionism, occasionalism, and Leibniz's preestablished concord. The individuals to this quantity learn those theories of their philosophical and ancient context. They tackle them either as a way for answering particular questions concerning causal family members and of their relation to each other, specifically, evaluating occasionalism and the preestablished concord as responses to Descartes's metaphysics and physics and the Cartesian account of causation. Philosophers mentioned comprise Descartes, Gassendi, Malebranche, Arnauld, Leibniz, Bayle, los angeles Forge, and different, much less recognized figures.

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101and preestablished harmony, we turn now to an evaluation of their details. The order of presentation is altered, so as to work through the topics in something like the temporal order in which they become relevant in Leibniz's philosophical development. We begin, then, with Kabitz's view of Leibniz as a very young man, in the year 1667. Without attempting a full documentation, which would in any case take us beyond the bounds of the present project, let me propose that Kabitz, if he is really serious about finding not only a possible Cartesian influence but also a full-blown interactionist dualism in the "New Method," is almost certainly mistaken.

56 Notice that this passage is also from 1679 -- and the argument for the Academy editors' dating seems strong. 57 IV I will limit myself to two points in this penultimate section, stating them briefly here at the outset, and then adding some flesh to the bones in the ____________________ 54 The passage (A vi. R. Parkinson and discussed earlier in this chapter provides a putative counterexample; see the Introduction to The LeibnizArnauld Correspondence, LA xlviii. ) Keep in mind that Leibniz was able to give a good sense to the phrase "we see all in God" in his late writings, even though it is clear that he then rejected the theory Malebranche associated with those words (see A vi.

By parallelism I mean the thesis that the states of each creature correspond or agree perfectly 11 with the states of every other ____________________ 10 Robert Sleigh offers valuable detail and greater precision in discussing this concept. See, for instance, his remarks in "Leibniz on Malebranche on Causality", in Central Themes in Early Modern Philosophy: Essays Presented to Jonathan Bennett, ed. J. A. : Hackett, 1990), pp. 162 and 188, n. 3. A fascinating discussion relating to spontaneity and miracles occurs in Sleigh book, Leibniz and Arnauld, pp.

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