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Carson Wayne had come to Mandelyn with the final word request--he wanted her to educate him how one can deal with a girl. It was once too fascinating a problem to show down. Mandelyn suspected that the renegade used to be rather a worrying and delicate guy. yet what she hadn't counted on have been her personal emotions for this impossible to resist insurgent. From the writer of woman Love.

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Not yet. " She whirled and glared at him. " He took her arm and half led, half dragged her up the steps and into the house. " she shot back. "You just move in and take over! He made you a very generous offer. " she floundered. "Like hell I did. " And poor little Angie hadn't realized what that meant. "Angie's new," she muttered, standing still in the dim living room. He didn't even have electricity. He had kerosene lanterns and furniture that she didn't want to sit on. It looked as if it were made with leftover gunny sacks.

He stared down at the packaged shirt. " She didn't smile, but it took an effort. Her eyes went over him. He was wearing a beige corduroy jacket and a worn white turtle-neck shirt and tan polyester slacks. He'd had a haircut and a shave, though, and already he looked different. In the right clothes, he'd be an absolute knockout, she realized. After a few minutes, she convinced him that striped shirts weren't at all effeminate, and he bought several more in different colors and ties to match. Then she coaxed him toward the suits.

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