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By Allen F. Sanborn

This is the 3rd in a chain of catalogs and bibliographies of the Cicadoidea overlaying 1981-2010. The paintings summarizes the cicada literature, offering a way for simple entry to info formerly released on a specific species or to permit researchers the facility to find related paintings that has been released on different species. a complete of 2,591 references are integrated within the bibliography. The publication is a resource of organic and systematic details which may be utilized by zoologists, entomologists, participants drawn to crop safety, and scholars learning entomology in addition to an individual drawn to cicadas or who require particular details at the bugs. each one genus/species is pointed out with the reference, the web page quantity, any figures (if applicable), the themes coated through the reference, any synonymies, and any biogeographic details pointed out for the species within the person reference. An additional advantage to the catalog is that it's the first entire species checklist for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies and new mixtures via 2012.

  • Provides approximately 4 instances the variety of references of the former catalog, demonstrating the explosion of information on the grounds that that time
  • Contains all references came across that point out a genus or species identify within the work
  • Includes greater than three hundred extra references that weren't within the past works in this subject
  • Features the 1st whole species checklist for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies

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Note) South Africa Platypleura maytenophila Villet 1987b: 209–211, 213–214, Figs 1c–d, Fig 2a, Fig 3 (n. , described, illustrated, distribution, habitat, comp. note) South Africa Platypleura maytenophila Villet 1988: 71–73, 75, Fig 4, Figs 6a–b, Table 1 (song, sonogram, comp. note) Platypleura maytenophila Villet and Reavell 1989: 333–335, Fig 3 (distribution, habitat, host plants, key, comp. note) South Africa Platypleura maytenophila Villet 1992: 94–95, Table 1 (acoustic responsiveness, comp.

Note) Severiana Goble, Price, Barker, and Villet 2008a: 673 (phylogeny, comp. note) Africa S. magna Villet, 1999 Severiana magna Villet 1999b: 149–153, Figs 1–9 (n. , described, illustrated, distribution, habitat, comp. note) Namibia 25 u7700 S. severini severini (Distant, 1893) = Poecilopsaltria severini = Poecsilopsaltria (sic) severini = Platypleura severini = Platypleura (Poecilopsaltria) severini = Platypleura fenestrata Schumacher, 1913 = Platypleura (Platypleura) schumacheri Metcalf, 1955 = Platypleura schumacheri Severiana lindiana Villet 1988: 72, Figs 2a–b (song, u7705 sonogram, comp.

Nobilis Endo and Hayashi 1979 Platypleura elizabethae Lee 2009h: 2618–2621, Figs 1–2 (n. , described, illustrated, distribution, listed, comp. note) Philippines, Palawan Platypleura elizabethae Lee 2010a: 15–16, Figs 1A–1B (illustrated, distribution, listed, comp. note) Equals Platypleura sp. aff. nobilis Endo and Hayashi 1979 Philippines, Mindanao, Palawan P. fasuayensis Boulard, 2006 to Platypleura badia P. fulvigera fulvigera Walker, 1850 = Poecilopsaltria fulvigera = Platypleura (Poecilopsaltria) fulvigera Platypleura fulvigera Showalter 1935: 38–39, Fig 12 (coloration, comp.

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