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By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This is often the 5th quantity of a complete sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera recognized to ensue within the Palaearctic zone. the knowledge supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic info of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released through the top of 1999; the taxonomic info less than subfamily, equipped alphabetically; and the kind species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. Distributional info of species and subspecies is given consistent with kingdom. particular distributional info for strict endemics is equipped, and brought species are indicated. The sequence is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the US, and Australia.

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38 fuscoguttata Nikitsky, 1998a: 21 A: NP nepalensis Nikitsky, 1998a: 23 A: NP hobuchii Nakane, 1955: 36 A: JA talyshensis Nikitsky, 1989b: 62 E: AB (Talysh) wittmeri Nikitsky, 1998a: 25 A: BT TETRATOMIDAE subfamily Piseninae Miyatake, 1960 genus Pisenus Casey, 1900: 167 type species Cryptophagus humeralis Kirby, 1837 formosanus Miyatake, 1974: 60 A: TAI insignis Reitter, 1889d: 245 {Pseudotriphyllus) A:JAFE rufitarsis Reitter, 1889d: 245 {Pseudotriphyllu) A: JA FE chujoi Miyatake, 1960: 129 A: JAFE genus Triphyllia Reitter, 1898f: 359 type species Triphyllia koenigi, 1898 koenigi Reitter, 1898f: 359 E: GG ST (Kavkaz) subfamily Penthinae Lacordaire, 1859 genus Cyanopenthe Nikitsky, 1998a: 29 type species Penthe metallica Champion, 1916 metallica Champion, 1916b: 79 {Penthe) A: BT ORR genus Penthe Newman, 1838: 373 types species Helops obliquatus Fabricius, 1798 Pyrrocis Laporte, 1840: 236 type species Helops obliquatus Fabricius, 1798 almorensis Champion, 1917: 54 A: NP UP japana Marseul, 1876d: 335 A: JA kochi Mařan, 1940b: 87 A: FUJ JIA TAI reitteri Nikitsky, 1998a: 32 A: SCH TAI YUN rufopubens Marseul, 1876d: 336 A: NP SD "Indes Orientales" similis Nikitsky, 2005: 24 A: "Assam" ORR subfamily Eustrophinae Gistel, 1856 tribe Eustrophini Gistel, 1856 genus Eustrophus Illiger, 1802b: 301 type species Mycetophagus dermestoides Fabricius, 1792 dermestoides Fabricius, 1792b: 498 {Mycetophagus) E: AU BH BU BY CR CZ FI FR GE GR HU IT LA LT MC PL RO SK SL SP SZ TR UK siculus Baudi di Selve, 1892: 121 (Tritoma) niponicus Lewis, 1895a: 259 A: FE JA NE yunnanensis Nikitsky, 1998a: 54 A: SW genus Synstrophus Seidlitz, 1898b: 442 types species Eustrophus macrophthalmus Reitter, 1887 klapperichi Pic, 1955c: 29 A: FUJ macrophthalmus Reitter, 1887d: 383 {Eustrophus) A: JANE rollei Pic, 1910q: 75 {Eustrophus) A: TAI tribe Holostrophini Nikitsky, 1998 genus Holostrophus Horn, 1888: 36 type species Eustrophus bifasciatus Say, 1824 subgenus Holostrophus Horn, 1888: 36 type species Eustrophus bifasciatus Say, 1824 aureofasciatus Pic, 1954b: 63 {Eustrophinus) A: FUJ diversefasciatus Pic, 1921a: 1: A: FE JA NE katoi Nomura, 1959: 42 dux Lewis, 1895a: 259 A: JA lewisi Csiki, 1924: 10 [RN] A: FE (Kunashir) JA quadrimaculatus Lewis, 1895a: 260 [HN] morimotoi Sasaji, 1974: 1 A: JA unicolor Lewis, 1895a: 260 A: JA subgenus Paraholostrophus Nikitsky, 2007: 19 type species Holostrophus orientalis Lewis, 1895 orientalis Lewis, 1895a: 259 A: JA CH NC SC TAI ORR multinotatusYic, 191 lp: 188 genus Pseudoholostrophus Nikitsky, 1983: 37 type species Hallomenus klapperichi Pic, 1954 chinensis Nikitsky, 1998a: 44 A: SCH 63 MELANDRYIDAE 64 klapperichi Pic, 1954a: 53 A: FUJ subfamily Hallomeninae Mulsant, 1856 genus Hallomenus Panzer, 1793e: 17 type species Hallomenus humeralis Panzer, 1793 (= Chrysomela binotata Quensel, 1790) subgenus Hallomenus Panzer, 1793e: 17 type species Hallomenus humeralis Panzer, 1793 (= Chrysomela binotata Quensel, 1790) Dinophorus Illiger, 1807: 335 type species Dinophorus axillaris Illiger, 1807 Dryala Mulsant, 1856f: 250 [= 1856c: 58] type species Hallomenus fuscus Gyllenhal, 1810 Hallominus Paykull, 1799: 179 type species Hallominus bipunctatus Paykull, 1799 axillaris Illiger, 1807: 335 {Dinophorus) E: AU BE BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GE GG HU IT LA LT MD NR NT PL RO SK ST SV SZ UK A: CH WS dimidiatus Stephens, 1835: 426 dorsalis Beck, 1817: 18 pl.

Ishikawa, 2000: 183 type species Phloeotrinus tenuipes Toyoshima & Y. Ishikawa, 2000 tenuipes Toyoshima & Y. Ishikawa, 2000: 184 {Phloeotrinus) A: JA genus Perakianus Pic, 1914k: 61 type species Perakianus atriceps Pic, 1914 bicolor Blair, 1931a: 201 A: SD hisamatsui Nakane, 1963b: 223 A: JA genus Phloeotrinus Nikitsky, 1989a: 45 type species Serropalpus filiformis Marseul, 1876 subgenus Phloeotrinops Nikitsky, 1989a: 46 type species Dircaea femoralis Lewis, 1895 jemoralis Lewis, 1895a: 268 {Dircaea) A: JA subgenus Phloeotrinus Nikitsky, 1989a: 45 type species Serropalpus filiformis Marseul, 1876 filiformis Marseul, 1876d: 333 {Serropalpus) A: JA minusculus Nomura, 1962b: 45 {Phloeotrya) A: JA TAI genus Serropalpus Hellenius, 1786: 310 type species Serropalpus striatus Hellenius, 1786 (= Mordella barbata Schaller, 1783) barbatus Schaller, 1783: 322, pi.

Nov. [see New Acts] E: FR bifasciata Mulsant, 1856c: 56 {Abdera) [HN] genus Hira Hayashi, 1960: 45 type species Hira humerosignata Hayashi, 1960 humerosignata Hayashi, 1960: 45 A: JA suturalis Nomura, 1962b: 42 A: JA genus Microtonus LeConte, 1862: 259 type species Microtonus sericans LeConte, 1962 dimidiatus Marseul, 1876d: 457 (Scraptia) A: JA takaosanus Nomura, 1962b: 44 A: JA genus Symphora LeConte, 1866: 150 type species Scraptia flavicollis Haldeman, 1848 afra Nomura, 1959: 45 A: JA brunnea amamiana Nomura, 1962b: 44 A: JA brunnea brunnea Marseul, 1876d: 457 (Scraptia) A: FE (Kunashir) JA miyakei Nomura & Hayashi, 1960: 44 subfamily Osphyinae Mulsant, 1856 (1840) genus Conopalpus Gyllenhal, 1810: 547 type species Conopalpus flavicollis Gyllenhal, 1810 brevicollis Kraatz, 1855: 374 E: BH CR GE FR IT NL PT SP SZ testaceus A.

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