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By John W Nesbitt

In honouring the reminiscence of Nicolas Oikonomides the participants provide a gaggle of Greek texts and translations which mirror the extensive pursuits of Byzantine authors and the various genres to which they dedicated their abilities. inside its pages one reveals an ekphrasis of Christopher of Mitylene, army speeches of Constantine VII, letters of Michael Psellos, an historic narrative concerning Empress Helena and the discovering of the go, instructing texts, and a long guide, followed via a reprint of the unique Brill Greek textual content, on withstanding a siege.

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OÈ] mØ BuGr | mÆkoyen] mÆkon M || 23. kexvsm°noi] kexosm°noi M kaixvsmenoi T §xvsm°noi GH | ÉEpimel«w] §pimelow T §p‹ mel«w BN1 | §reunÆsantew] diereunÆsantew GH | eron] hron BMT | ¥louw] ilouw T || 24. §ke›yen] PrÚw oÂw BN1V | loipÚn] om. AmB post émhxan¤a trsp. BN1 | émhxan¤a] pollØ add. GH | kat°labe] kat°laben B BN1MT | bas¤lissan] basil¤da BuMGr bas¤lleissan M | êra e‡h] ín e‡h AmB BN1 ara hei T | e‡h] ∑n BuBN3Gr || 25. DespotikÚw] basilikÚw Am || 26. diå] metå GH | diãkrisin] émfibol¤an BuGr diãfisin V | ¶lusen] ¶luse AmBuBN3LTGr | Gunaik‹] GunaikØ T | érrvstoÊsª] arrvstousi T || 27.

18 and p. 17. The word salibãrion also occurs in Romanos the Melode’s Cantica, Hymn 39, section 22, line 5. 33 34 38 JOHN W. NESBITT and money for the purpose of uncovering the cross and erecting churches on holy places. Alexander has borrowed the phrase “with letters” (metå grammãtvn [Alexander]; ToÊtoiw grãmmasin [Theodoret]) from Theodoret (p. 20), as well as the notion of Constantine’s participation in the cross’s discovery. The latter states that Constantine had a letter composed in which he directs Makarios to clear the area where Christ was entombed and to build on the site a church.

13-14. 21 Sokrates Kirchengeschichte, p. 13-14. 22 Theodoret, Kirchengeschichte, p. 20-21. 34 JOHN W. NESBITT directs Makarios to clear the area of Christ’s tomb and to erect on the spot a church. SECTION 2. THE INQUIRY. Alexander the Monk: Helena, met by Makarios, orders the bishops to search for the wood. Gelasius of Caesarea (reconstruction): Helena inquires of inhabitants of the town where Christ was crucified. 24 SECTION 3. THE DISCOVERY. Alexander the Monk: God reveals the place to dig, an area where there was situated a pagan temple and cult statue.

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