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1 1 Sandstone Schist Intermediate Crust Limestone Schist Magma Lower Crust SCOTLAND, United Kingdom Latitude 57° N Longitude 04° W Scotland was raised in the Caledonian orogeny 400 million years ago. This pressure produced the gneiss shown in the photo. Dynamic Metamorphism The least common type of metamorphism, dynamic metamorphism happens when the large-scale movement of the crust along fault systems causes the rocks to be compressed. Great rock masses thrust over others. Where they come in contact new metamorphic rocks, called cataclasites and mylonites, are formed.

5 inches (4 cm) in diameter. These materials are placed in a pile that is treated with a solution of water and sulfuric acid. This process is called lixiviation, or leaching. Lixiviation is a hydro-metallurgic treatment that makes it possible to obtain copper present in the oxidized minerals. The treated material begins the process of sulfatation of copper contained in the oxidized minerals. 56 % TUNEL Diameter of the pit ELECTROLYTIC POOL COLECTOR FORMATION OF THE MINE Surface mines take the shape of large terraced pits, which grow ever deeper and wider.

Fortune hunters came from the Americas as well as from Asia, but few were able to achieve their goal of striking it rich. Each year, obtaining gold required a larger investment of time and equipment, and equipment suppliers were the ones who ultimately earned the highest profits. Gold was the key force in settling California, now the wealthiest state in the United States. At its peak, immigration overwhelmed the state's social and municipal services as up to 30 houses were being built each day.

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