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Few figures from Greco-Roman antiquity have passed through as a lot reassessment in contemporary many years as Callimachus of Cyrene, who used to be lively on the Alexandrian courtroom of the Ptolemies in the course of the early 3rd century BC. as soon as perceived as a superb instance of ivory tower detachment and abstruse studying, Callimachus has now become understood as an artificer of the photographs of a strong and colourful courtroom and as a poet moment purely to Homer in his later reception. For the fashionable viewers, the fragmentation of his texts and the diffusion of resource fabrics has usually impeded realizing his poetic fulfillment. Brills better half to Callimachus has been designed to assist in negotiating this scholarly terrain, specifically the method of modifying and gathering his fragments, to light up his highbrow and social contexts, and to point the present instructions that his scholarship is taking.

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Hollis 2009: 141–142. 34 luigi lehnus 55. [to be published by N. Gonis; cf. Gonis 2006] (I or beginning of II) POxy inv. 112/87(b): Hecale 56. , 8 Hollis, 227 MP3, 529 LDAB [Gomperz bis; Lloyd-Jones & Rea] (IV–V) TVindob. inv. G HT 6 = PRain VI: Hecale 57. 2398: Hecale 58. 2437: Hecale 59. 2217: Hecale 60. 1 MP3, 497 LDAB [Montanari bis] (II) PPisaLit 21 = PLettCarlini 21 (formerly PTicinensis 1): commentary on unidentified poem. As is apparent, different literary types occur here: texts only, texts with scholia, various kinds and levels of commentary, diegeseis, a glossary.

Approximately a third of the chapters are devoted to explaining how our present corpus of Callimachus has come about and what the guiding assumptions have been in collecting book fragments or editing papyrus fragments. The contributors provide information on Callimachus’ linguistic experiments, his use of nonpoetic sources, and the relationship of his prose writings to his poetic corpus. We have also emphasized the importance of his contemporary social context. Since so much of his surviving poetry is about and for the Ptolemies, we have included contributions that focus on these kings and queens; but equally important are his divinities, his interest in cult, and contemporary literary-critical and musical trends.

G. 60 (P): Iambus 1 42. , 219 MP3, 475 LDAB [Norsa & Vitelli (fr. 1094: scholia on Iambus 1 43. 2215: Iambi 3 and 4 44. )+ Branchus30 45. , 221 MP3, 511 LDAB [Roberts] (IV) PRyl 485: Iambi 4 and 5 46. 661: Iambus 7 47. [Colomo fr. b]31 (II) PLips inv. 290v: scholia on Iambi 11 and 12 48. 2218: Iambus 12 49. 225 MP3, 478 LDAB [Bonner] (beginning of II) PMich inv. 4967: Iambus 12 50. 2823: Hecale32 51. , 3 Hollis, 226 MP3, 507 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2216: Hecale 52. 1 MP3, 509 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2529: Hecale 53.

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