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By Lisi Harrison

Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking on every little thing. Worse, the football boys became so well known that the gorgeous Committee's alpha prestige is in severe jeopardy. So Massie lays out a brand new Year-New beautiful Committee rule: someone stuck crushing on a boy could be thrown out of the NPC-forever. yet will she be capable to keep on with her personal decree while she sees that Derrington has ditched his shorts-obsession in desire of ah-dorable jeans?

Alicia Rivera: Is the other of onboard with the boyfast. Her weigh down, the Ralph Lauren-luh-ving Josh Hotz, is extra impossible to resist than crème brûlée fro-yo. yet is he worthy wasting her spot within the NPC? And taking up the wrath of Massie?

Dylan Marvil: Is so prepared for the boyfast. She's straightened her unruly pink hair and completely pressed boys out of her existence. If basically she might do a similar with curly fries and caramel popcorn.

Kristen Gregory: Has traded her sporty-chic Pumas for Billabong board shorts and a shark enamel necklace. She claims she's sworn off boy-crushes, so what is along with her Blue weigh down makeover?

Claire Lyons: Spent all summer time puzzling over Cam's one blue eye and one eco-friendly eye. yet now he is moved directly to a brand new woman swifter than you could say cuh-yutest couple. not less than Claire eventually has a safe spot within the NPC-unless jealousy-flirting breaks the boyfast. . . .

The Clique: the single factor tougher than going in is staying in.

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It was as though everyone suddenly had a brutal case of social amnesia, and all knowledge of her being this year’s alpha-alpha had been deleted from their memories. Were girls so easily distracted by boys? And were boys really so easily attracted to girls with horrific style? A visit to CosmoGirl’s FAQ archive was a must as soon as she got home. Massie stepped onto the cold, dew-covered grass, which poked at her paraffin-waxed feet and most likely stained the leather on her black snakeskin Prada sandals.

Watching her. With his one blue eye and his one green one. Oozing Drakkar Noir. And wondering why on earth she’d agreed to this embarrassing late-entrance thing. Layne Abeley, however, captured her attention first. She was seated at the head of number three, the only all-girl table in the entire New Green Café. Locationwise it was a dud: right next to the swinging steel kitchen doors, in the heart of the LBR section. Not that Layne seemed to care. She was waving her arms, crossing her narrow green eyes, and wiggling her brows, happily trying to get Claire’s attention.

Both made her feel warm and protected from the outside world—a world that was constantly telling her how to act, who to hang out with, and what boots to wear. And now, when to boyfast. Alicia searched her black Balenciaga motorcycle bag for her ice blue bottle of Angel perfume. After a few sprays, the stale airplane smell was gone and the booth felt like home again. ” She heard a boy cough. She quickly covered her chest. ” Alicia blushed at the sound of her own excitement. ” She turned up the dimmer switch on the gray-carpeted wall, adding some, but not much, light to the spray tanning booth-size room.

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