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By Dana Desonie

Для детей от 12-ти лет
Students know about the danger to the Earths biosphere and to biodiversity because of human actions similar to pollutants, worldwide warming and chemical use, and what tools are getting used and constructed to assist decrease the effect at the atmosphere and animals. contains full-color images and illustrations, sidebars, word list, study resources, writer profile and index.

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To keep prey from escaping their hungry mouths, some predators have large, ­backward-­folding ­teeth. Primary productivity at hydrothermal vent communities is by che-­ mosynthesis. Some animals live symbiotically with the chemosynthetic bacteria. Symbiosis is a relationship between two species of organ-­ isms in which both benefit and neither is harmed. In one symbiotic relationship, chemosynthetic bacteria live within the tissues of giant tubeworms; the bacteria provide the worms with a constant source of food and, in return, are given ­shelter.

Life on ­Earth Protists and ­Fungi Kingdom Protista is made of eukaryotic organisms that do not fit into another kingdom. The most important are phytoplankton, micro-­ scopic algae that are ubiquitous in surface waters in oceans and lakes and that are responsible for about 50% of the world’s primary productivity (the food energy created by producers). Fungi include yeasts, molds, and mushrooms, all of which absorb nutrients from liv-­ ing or dead plant or animal tissues. Many fungi are important decom-­ posers, although some are parasites, such as those that cause ringworm and athlete’s foot.

When the ice melts in the spring, the cold melt water sinks and the deep water is pushed up to the surface. In the autumn, the upper layer cools, becomes dense, and sinks, causing the deep water to rise. 47 48 biosphere ­ uring these overturns, sinking water takes dissolved oxygen down D to the life forms that live in the deep layers, and rising water brings nutrients that have collected in the deeper layers up to the surface, which may cause a burst of primary ­productivity. Streams start as snowmelt or springs in mountains, then merge as they travel down slope, until they come together to form a river.

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