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Most sensible homosexual Romance 2009 is brief fiction at its most interesting near to love—first love, real love, and love eternal (with make-up intercourse, wake-up intercourse, and every little thing in between).

The romantic chances variety from a stunning come upon among blue-collar acquaintances to a quick airport rendezvous that develop into whatever extra, and a reminder to us all that it really is by no means too overdue for romance. A self-confessed actual romantic, Richard Labonté has amassed a sensational selection of tales approximately discovering love at domestic, at paintings, at any age, and sometimes, within the so much unforeseen areas.

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Owning Wednesday

Wednesday has been with Vincent, her dominant and previous instructor, for 8 years. His indifferent possession of her feels extra like realizing than love, yet she has delighted less than his arms all of the similar. whilst Vincent comes to a decision it's time to finish their formalized courting, Wednesday is lost.

But one other guy watches from afar, decided to make her his personal. This guy, Daniel, calls for even more from Wednesday than the basic obedience she provided Vincent. What's extra, he stocks a posh mystery with Vincent, with Wednesday at its core.

Can Wednesday undergo the excruciating calls for of intimacy together with her new lover? what is going to take place while she discovers the key Daniel and Vincent retain? most significantly, who owns Wednesday, and what's the adaptation, finally, among being owned and loved?

Warning: This booklet includes specific scenes of dominance and submission, self-discipline & education, bondage, oral & anal intercourse & double penetration, menage a trois, and either harsh and loving bdsm scenes.

Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy, Book 1)

Holly Bardwell is working from her previous error. instantly into the fingers of the Colter brothers.

Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren't searching for ladies. They're trying to find a lady. One girl they be aware of will percentage their lives and their beds. They're wasting desire they'll locate her, that's until eventually Adam discovers Holly mendacity within the snow simply yards from their cabin.

Adam is familiar with she's the only the minute he holds her in his palms, and once his brothers see her, they comprehend it too. the single challenge is convincing Holly of that fact—and preserving her from the chance of her past.

This ebook has been re-edited and revised. contains an increased finishing and a brand new, never-before released brief tale sequel.

Warning: This identify comprises the subsequent: specific intercourse, photo language, ménage a quatre, violence.

Caroline's Rocking Horse

Publication Details:

Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Publication Date: 2013-12-17
Number of Pages: 98
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books

Synopsis from Amazon:
Caroline Dawkins is a professor of English who hasn't ever confessed her age-play and spanking fantasies to her husband, George Lane, a company lawyer. After George comes domestic one evening and reveals Caroline pleasuring herself, over the process a unprecedented month Caroline and George totally remodel their erotic lifestyles jointly within the development of these taboo fantasies.

From the stunning, degrading guidance and inspection of Caroline's charms, to the darkish erotic practices she by no means notion she might get to aim, George and Caroline style the forbidden delights of age-play and fix emotionally as they by no means imagined they could.

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