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By Francis M. Dunn (editor), Thomas Cole (editor)

The ways that literary works commence have proved attention-grabbing to readers and critics not less than seeing that Aristophanes. This number of essays offers lifestyles to a subject matter of perennial curiosity by means of providing a number of unique readings in approximately the entire significant genres of Greek and Latin literature. the themes of those essays variety from narrative voices within the starting of the Odyssey to ideological purposes for Tacitus' collection of a starting within the Histories, and from a survey of establishing units in Greek poetry to the playwright's negotiations with the viewers in Roman comedy. different papers speak about 'false starts off' in Gorgias and Herodotus, the prologues of Greek tragedy, Plato's 'frame' dialogues, behind schedule proems in Virgil, the position of the consumer in Horace, aristocratic beginnings in Seneca, and 'inappropriate' prefaces in Plutarch. by means of embracing numerous authors and a wide variety of techniques, from formal research of establishing units to post-structural interpretation, those twelve contributions through either more youthful and demonstrated students supply an exhilarating new viewpoint on beginnings in classical literature.

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