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By Francesca Lia Block

Two darkly magical Weetzie Bat tales concerning the look for self from Francesca Lia Block: Missing Angel Juan and Baby Be-Bop.

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Chucky Bat, C. Bat, Mr C. Bbbbb-bBat. My almost-grandpa-Bat Charles. He’s a lot like he was in the pictures Weetzie showed me but if he didn’t look healthy then he really doesn’t look so well now and he’s not in color anymore. What do you say to a ghost? ” He laughs soft. I think about the pop in the film before a Charlie Chaplin movie starts. ” “Yeah. I mean besides the unreal thing. I take pictures which is kind of like making movies. ” I stop. Do you say made or make to a ghost? “Make,” says Charlie, smiling a little.

Pieces. But if you break a mirror there are just more whole little yous in every piece. I go into the dusty sunken room. Empty. Cold air burns in the empty fireplace. There are squished tubes of paint and canvases everywhere. And lots of big portraits of Vixanne Wigg in colors like tropical flowers—almost glow-in-the-dark. Vixanne powdery-pink and sparkle-platinum as Jayne Mansfield chomp-gnawing off a cluster chunk of crystally-white dry-ice rock candy. Vixanne lounging in a fluorescent green jungle tied up in her own jungle-green writhe-vine hair.

The cab is honking outside. Weetzie tries to kiss me but I am out the door already. Maybe she should have been a little more clutch like in that picture of her and her dad Charlie Bat where she looks like she’ll never let go. 31 beautiful boys Dear Angel Juan, I’m on a plane. I imagine you out there on a cloud, playing your bass and grinning at me, wearing chunky black shoes and Levi’s with rips at the knees. I imagine the rest of the band and it is one heavenly combo—Jimi and Jim and John and Bob and Elvis— all the dudes you are into.

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