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Sa Crawford, Sardis, 123-4. , 125; see also the table of comparative data in Segal, Function, 48-9. Ztienobia, I (Paris, 1983), 129, 137-45; II (1991), 35-47, fig. 8; Gerasa: B. Welles in Kraeling, Gerasa, nos. 75-7, 87-98, A. H. M. Jones, Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement (1928), 190-2, and M. Mundell Mango, Artistic Patronage in the Roman Diocese of Oriens, 313-641 AD, Oxford DPhil thesis, 1984, 332; Gaza: Choricius, ed. R. Foerster, Choricii Gazaei opera (Leipzig, 1929), Or. Fun.

44 MARLIA MUNDELL MANGO Figure 6. Isometric drawing of reconstruction of northern tetrapylon at Gerasa. Drawing A. Wilkins based on A. Segal, From Function to Monument. Urban Landscapes of Roman Palestine, Syria and Provincia Arabia (Oxford, 1997), fig. 2. The Streets of Constantinople As we may see from the plans of cities just considered, each is marked by one or possibly a few streets lined with roofed colonnades or porticoes (Figs. 2-3, 6). By contrast, we know from the Notitia of Constantinople composed in ca.

24 24 Mango, Studies on CP, Preface, x. 14 NEVRA NECIPOULU While the quest to re-create Byzantine Constantinople will no doubt continue, it is hoped that the essays offered in this volume, which make no claim of presenting a comprehensive history of the city, will collectively help capture the physical and social environment in which Constantinopolitans lived and illustrate the constant interplay between the architectural and topographic setting of the city, its socio-economic, political and religious structures, and the historical developments.

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