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By Jeff Lewis

The terrorist assaults of 2002 and 2005 are the apex of a profound and deep-rooted concern that has emerged throughout the interval of Bali's modernization and its engagement with worldwide tourism and the economic climate of delight. Bali's Silent concern documents the demanding situations and horrors linked to transition, in addition to the bold attractiveness that continues to be intrinsic to the island's experience of cultural future.

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As the principal characters in this story are still living, all names have been changed to protect privacy. Stories like these, however, are numerous. We have conducted interviews and primary field research between 1991 and 2008. However, most of the material for this book has been drawn from research conducted since the 2002 bombings. For a more complete account of the violence perpetrated against women, in particular, see Leslie Dwyer, “The Intimacy of Terror: Gender and the Violence of 1965–66 in Bali,” Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context 10 (2003).

The caste system and modes of village authority, in particular, were deftly manipulated, enabling the Dutch to hide behind their puppets while en- Temple of Doom 27 suring an efficient and inexpensive framework of social control and economic exploitation. Through the exercise of ideology, the Dutch seemed to be creating a cohesive and largely harmonious society, which they were able to market to European and American travelers. This image of unity, however, is largely false. Through the progress of modernization a new class-consciousness was being stirred by poverty, social fragmentation, and humiliation.

While these taxes might on the one hand seem vaguely absurd, they are part of the transformations being wrought by modernization and the integration of Bali into the world economy. For many Europeans, in fact, Bali represented a kind of agrarian cash-paradise; its rich soils and relatively well-established social structures provided considerable opportunities for exploitation and the production of wealth. On the other side, however, the Balinese peasants and tenant farmers were being crushed by the burden of these taxes.

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