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Alain Badiou's Being and Event is the main unique and demanding paintings of French philosophy to have seemed in fresh a long time. it's the magnum opus of a philosopher who's greatly thought of to have re-shaped the nature and set new phrases for the longer term improvement of philosophy in France and somewhere else. This e-book has been written greatly to be able to clarifying Badiou's complicated and important paintings for non-specialist readers. It bargains counsel on philosophical and highbrow context, key subject matters, interpreting the textual content, reception and impact; and additional interpreting.

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On the contrary, his whole point in making such a cardinal theme of the being/event dichotomy is to highlight the extent to which major developments in all of these spheres, the formal, 26 OVERVIEW OF THEMES physical, social and human sciences alike come about through a break with existing modes of thought and the advent of a new dispensation that could not previously have been known, recog­ nized or brought within range of adequate conceptualization. Even so - as he is equally keen to stress, once again with primary reference to the set-theoretical domain - its emergence may later be discerned as having been prefigured (albeit indiscernibly so at the time) in the paradoxes, logical aporias, or unresolved dilem­ mas that were kept from coming too clearly into view or from wreaking serious conceptual harm by 'the then-prevalent ideas of what counted as adequate proof or consistent reasoning.

5 1 9). In other words, it is only at the stage of the count - in whatever onto-mathematically determined form - that inconsis­ tent multiplicity (presentation as such) is confmed or reduced to the realm of defInite numerical, logical, propositional or other such formally specified content.

For it is this central claim that enables and motivates his appeal to mathematics as the basis of ontology and to ontology, in tum, as the basis for what­ ever we can justifiably assert concerning the truth-conditions for our various truth-apt statements, theories, hypotheses or conjectures. e. ction with other main themes of Badiou's work. Among them was the absolute pre-eminence of mathematics as an intel­ lectual discipline, a training ground for philosophers, and (above all) a royal road to the discovery of truths that, once discovered, acquired a priori status or the character of seeming self-evident to reason yet which often had to be arrived at through a lengthy process of constructing hypotheses, devising proof-procedures, pursuing long sequences of hypothetico-deductive argument, or testing theorems and conjectures for any logical anomaly that might arise in the course of those procedures.

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