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By Bruce D Chilton

This quantity stories the factors, assumptions, and strategies interested in severe Jesus learn. Its function is to explain the strategies essential to distinguish culture that stems from Jesus from culture and interpretation that stem from later tradents and evangelists. This ebook has additionally been released in paperback, please click on right here for info.

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Why teachers? Why else than to serve as the congregation's repository of oral tradition? What else would Christian teachers teach? A Christian interpretation of the scriptures, no doubt. But also, we can surely safely assume, the traditions which distinguished house churches from house synagogues or other religious, trade or burial societies. There is a further argument here which needs to be given some weight, even though it has rarely been deployed. 21 Since the rise of form criticism it has been a regular assumption that sayings first uttered in the name of Jesus by early Christian prophets were incorporated into the Jesus tradition.

His subsequent arrest and crucifixion as "king of the Jews" confirm the messianic and national element in his ministry. This belief is further confirmed when his disciples, upon hearing about and in many cases personally experiencing the resurrected Jesus, with confidence proclaim their master as Israel's Messiah. Critical research of the life and teaching of Jesus should take into account this framework, or provide compelling reasons for why Jesus should be interpreted outside of it. The essays that make up the balance of the present volume are devoted to these issues and operate from assumptions that are for the most part illustrative of the general overview taken here.

Ker. 1:7). On these incidents and their potential relevance for understanding the actions of Jesus in the Temple precincts, see B. D. Chilton, The Temple of Jesus: His Sacrificial Program within a Cultural History of Sacrifice (University Park: Penn State Press, 1992) 100-111. 41 Jesus son of Ananias cried out words apparently based on Jer 7:34, was cuffed by some of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, was treated sympathetically by others, and finally was hauled in before the Roman governor. After interrogation, which included the infamous Roman scourging, the hapless Jesus was released, the governor having decided he was nothing more than a harmless lunatic (cf.

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