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;Armes Militaria journal HS 10 - nation-state Of Germany (II) in the midst of Reich КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Armes Militaria journal HS 10 - geographical region Of Germany (II) in the midst of Reich Издательство: Histoire & CollectionsГод / месяц: 1993/10 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 26,7MB Язык: французский Страниц:83Изображения: ч/б и цветные фотографии, цветные рисунки, карты zero

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This Commissar Order was sent by Warlimont to senior army commands and it blew up right in his face. He sent his friends around trying to recall everything. I did notice too that his initial draft of the order was very mild compared with what he finally released. The final one called for the extermination of JewishBolshevik leaders and so on. I told Heydrich that it sounded exactly like Warlimont was trying to make his own orders sound like some sort of NSDAP propaganda so that he could later put the blame on us if he had to.

I have thought about our actions concerning Mussolini and his eventual fate. After he has been surrendered to us. B You have to catch the fish before you can cook it. I have no doubts he will end up our prisoner unless, of course, they kill him first or he escapes his just rewards by killing himself. A And there is also the possibility the Nazis might get to him as well. Where is he now? B The Italians have advised us he is currently under arrest at the police headquarters in Rome. They want to move him out directly because it appears that the Germans might suddenly decide to reinforce their numbers in Italy and Rome would be the logical target.

Westbrook Pegler, an anti-Roosevelt columnist, got possession of copies and described the contents as imbecilic and the product of someone who had no business being a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States. Portions of the letters have been published and Pegler’s views err towards generosity. In April 1942, Roosevelt told Stimson, Secretary of War, to secretly fund a program to develop botulism and anthrax weapons for use against the Germans. The project was shelved when it was discovered that the Germans had developed nerve gasses, Tabun, Sarin and Soman, that were terrible in nature and which would surely be used in retaliation if the US attempted to poison the German civil population.

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