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By Brian A. Jackson

Case reports of the organizational studying avtivities of 5 significant terrorist teams and a strategy for ascertaining what and why they discovered.

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Had they been able to employ this dissemination technique on the Tokyo subway, the number of fatalities and injuries might have been much higher. The nature of the organization’s leadership—both Shoko Asahara and the small circle of devoted followers who planned the group’s nefarious activities—provided an unusually high degree of operational security that proved important to Aum’s weapons procurement and testing activities but probably impeded its ability to capitalize on unintentional knowledge.

This insight provides a benchmark for measuring the level of effort a terrorist group must undertake to develop biological weapons and use them in ways that threaten indiscriminate mass casualties. Two significant sources, one of which cites Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) sources, describe how Aum sought to perpetrate indiscriminate mass casualties in 1990 with botulinum toxin. Three other equally credible sources, including two of the NPA White Papers produced in the two years immediately following the 1995 sarin attack, do not even mention this incident.

Aum sought to produce chemical weapons in a quantity that would result in mass death. Batch processing entails scaling of chemical engineering processes and poses different challenges than benchlevel production experiments do. By analogy, cooking a recipe for two people is a different challenge from that of cooking the same recipe for a group of 50 people. Thus, while Aum may not have obtained the nuclear material it sought, it advanced its chemical weapons program by conducting large-scale open tests of chemical agents against sheep.

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